The Boundless Does Not Have Boundaries

God said:

What do you think you are doing now but removing boundaries? Do you think there is another way to get to the boundless? How do you think you get to the boundless? Not by staying as you are. You have been waiting for everything to change but yourself. And all I say is that you must open your eyelids a little to see more, not to keep looking at what you have always seen, but to see what is right in front of you. Now that you are beginning to peek at the boundless, you fear you are seeing less, that something is being taken away from you, when in actuality, you are seeing more.

The boundless is not fenced in, else it would not be boundless. You are accustomed to fences, that's all. That is your situation. You worry what to do and what will happen when you see beyond the safety net of the fences that you pictured around you. They did not keep you safe. They kept you away.

The need for safety is one of your delusions.

You have made safety an industry.

You have made alarms. Alarms alarm you.

I tell you not to be alarmed. I tell you to open your eyelids a little bit so that you can see a greater horizon.

What did Columbus do? He ascertained that no one can fall off the edge of the earth because there is no edge. He quelled fear. The fear was imagined.

I tell you that all fear is imagined. All danger is imagined. Why don't you imagine something better than danger?

The earth beneath your feet is made of My light. The earth beneath your feet is as much My light as are the Heavens above. If there is no up and no down, then you can just as well walk in Heaven as on earth. It takes a little daring only because you have been misinformed.

Actually, it has been daring of you to stay in the same place you are. I mean place of awareness. It is not so much to avoid danger that your life is about. It is to grasp opportunity. How do you grasp what you cannot see? Only by a lot of waving of the arms. But when you can see, what can you not grasp? Which grape can you not pluck?

Why be satisfied with one bunch of grapes in your hand when your vision can encompass the whole vineyard?

Whatever you think you have grasped in your life with your hands, it is a small part of what you have been offered. Whatever you have grasped in your life with your hands, no matter how solid it may seem to you — it is moving away from your grasp as We speak. In truth, it is only the eyes that can grasp. The eye takes. Then the heart can accept.

The hands really do not hold on to anything. Nothing stays still in the land of movement and relativity except Our Oneness. Whatever your hand has clasped, that is already moving away from your grip.

The grapes ripen. They are picked. Or they are not picked. They drop from the vine. They are eaten or not eaten. The grapes are a passing thing. Even the vineyard is a passing thing for the presumed owner of the vineyard, for the owner of the vineyard is not an owner. He is a caretaker. No matter how many deeds to the land he may hold, his ownership is nothing but a piece of paper. Nothing is owned. All is lent. Or it is a gift for a short time.

But where the vineyard came from, that is permanent.

Where you came from, that is permanent.

The essence of the vineyard and the essence of you, they remain. It is one essence, and that essence never changes. It is immutable. Would you not like to see more of what is the truth of you? Would you not like to see the essence that runs through all of life?

Would you not like to give it a name? Would you not like to give the Nameless a name? As a matter of fact, you have.

I am variously called God and Love and the Eternal.

And that is the essence of the vineyard.

And that is the essence of everyone. You are called by a sound that is identified as your name, but that name is not your essence. Your individual name is an alias. You must know that. You are One, and your name is One. Grasp that.

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