The Deep Silence of Love

God said:

How about it? Why don't We take a break today from whatever is on your mind? Let's just relax into the Beingness of Our Love and forget about everything else. There is always something on your mind, is there not? Let's empty your mind for a while and simply enjoy the love We share. Let's just love and not mind about anything else.

We don't have to love someone or something. We can just be in a state of love and love. Love is great, and there is great love in your heart. The great love in your heart has often been withdrawn or withheld. It is like you suck in a deep breath of love and don't let it out. All that love you are holding! Come now, let it out as you would a deep breath. Just breathe that love. Give it some oxygen. Breathe love in and out.

Love really comes from within, beloveds. You have all the love in the world and Heaven within you to begin with. Love from the outside is very nice, yet it is not the sustenance of you. I am the sustenance of you, and I am Love. Love dwells within you, and it wells up. The love within you does not need constant feeding. It needs constant giving. That's what the love in your heart needs, to go out. Otherwise, it suffocates or dries up. The more love you give, the more filled with love you are.

We are not talking about display of love, you understand, or of loving an individual. Loving an individual is wonderful, and I adjure you to love individuals. Love for an individual is a sample of love. It is real, and yet it is only a sample.

I adjure you to simply love, to simply move and live in a state of awareness of the love that overflows your heart. Even in the deep silence of your heart, you can give your love out. You can give out general non-specific love. You must, beloveds. You must let your love get out there into the world that is starving for love. People neither need to be aware of deprivation of love nor of reasons why someone may think they are unworthy of love.

Be assured I am not speaking of an act of will or display of love. Leave that for the movies. I am speaking of the love in your heart radiating out the way the sun sends warmth. Rather than asking Me for this and that and all the love you desire to come to you and the world, answer My plea for you to send the light of your love out to the world.

I have seen My children jump up and down in their opposition to war and their desire for peace. I have seen crowds vehemently opposed to one thing or another. I have seen protests against this or that. I have seen a lot, beloveds. I would like to see My children love those they oppose. I give you a simple cure for all that ails the world, and that is love. Love heals like nothing else does.

You have heard, "Love thy enemy." Dissolve the concept of enemy. Dissolve it in your heart, and send love out instead. Love the marauders and love the downtrodden. Just love. Soon enough there will be no marauders and no downtrodden.

The victim has been your heart. Your heart has been laid waste. From silence now, resuscitate your heart. Tell your heart that it is all right for it to simply be what I made it for and to love even where love seems not.

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thank you so much for all God's heavenletters!
To read these letters in the morning is my first act of the day and they energize me always.

The heavenletter of today give me the confirmation, that I was right, when I was looking everywhere for unconditional love and finally I found it in myself !!!
First I was thinking, that I was fallen in a deep egoism, but than I saw it is an healthy egoism ! This kind of egoism, is not to keep or to grasp,
it is to give unconditional love to myself and than I am able to give the same love to everybody.
To love yourself, needs to accept everything of yourself ! Not only the nice aspects, also the aspects which are not so fine and easy to see...and finally the anger is transforming in love and the judgment's don't exist anymore. It is not very easy to be so true with yourself, but with a bit patience and a extremely consciousness to your behavior and thoughts, you are on the way and everybody around you will see your development and the light which is shining of your heart!

I wish all to you, a very beautiful, lightful and peaceful day!
Andrea,.... still on the way! (smile)

( I am German, so my English is a bit limited, but I hope you can understand what I mean?!)

We are on the way right

We are on the way right beside you, beloved Andrea.

Dear children of God... As

Dear children of God...

As soon as I read the frase that we have all the love of god in our heart (and we don t need to have some from the outside..) I feel my heart being overwelmed with the most beatifull warm love..YES thats the love I want to feel..I need to feel ........that makes me florisch....I simply have to think about it...Lets make this world more lovely, simlpy to express that love!

If I think of it when do I feel most of that love..when I am giving my love or just pour it out..THEN I feel connected with my most beautifull self!!!! THEN I now this is right..this is my mission....this is GOD....

Last week it was carnaval in Holland. (like in Rio de Genero)
Just like last years carnaval, I was dressed like a real angel. Openly I blessed all the people with my golden star on there forehead. Mostly all the little children, I touched them and give them my smile. Then I turn around for them when I explaind... yes you have seen an angel now...I you are blessed!
Apart from all the happy faces of laughter and joy I created on their faces..I am realy very
happy to feel the love of god when I blessed them with his love...I feel so connected with my being on this earth for a even in my piyamas right now..I bless you knew already...... :) It is the best feeding for me too......

Love .... angel Iris

What an experience, beloved

What an experience, beloved Iris. To play the role of angel AND TO BE IT! And you were blessed!

The occasion and the costume brought out the angel in you. We have seen that in you before, dear Iris.

Deep Silence of Love

Oh this is a big one! "Rather than asking Me for this and that and all the love you desire to come to you and the world, answer My plea for you to send the light of your love out to the world." How often do we keep asking and waiting for an answer instead of answering the request that was there all along?

And then obviously "The victim has been your heart. Your heart has been laid waste. From silence now, resuscitate your heart. Tell your heart that it is all right for it to simply be what I made it for and to love even where love seems not." Even where love seems not ... big lesson to learn.

Thanks God - this hits the nail right on the head for me! Thump!

Love to you as ever,


Beloved Chris, what an

Beloved Chris, what an insightful comment! For us to love! To dare to love!

Yes... dissolve the concept of enemy

So very important... yesterday, someone sent me a manuscript about Them... and The Terrible Things They Are Going to Do to US unless we WAKE UP the country.... (I am a publisher, and this was a manuscript submitted for publication). These manuscripts are not as frequent as they used to be and I consider that a very positive sign.

Whenever one arrives, I bless the author, bless the message and thank God for diversity and the opportunity to learn from others.

And thank you, Gloria, for a timely message of love.... inspiring me to add that this is also another opportunity for me to love and demonstrate love to all.

Much love to you,

The Deep Silence of Love

The answer to all the ills of the world! LOVE IS THE ANSWER !! Yes, it feels
good to love the downtrodden, the marauders, those who vehemently oppose
me for truly, God, Thou art the ONE SOURCE

I love the very words THE DEEP STILLNESS OF LOVE AND PEACE. Now I see
that to oppose war or to oppose anything is not nearly as wondrously effective
as just loving that which we oppose. I know that War is not the answer to
anything, but can I love those who love war? can I? Yes, God says so right here!

HEART . TODAY, I TELL MY HEART, "it is all right, dear heart of mine,
to simply be what our Might God made it for and to love even where love seems not.

Imagining the past

WOW! This is simply marvelous! Including the beautiful comments!

Why, oh why could we not have gotten the wisdom in these few paragraphs earlier, say 10, 20 or even 50 years ago? Just think of how much human heartache that could have been prevented if we could have had these insights and could have begun to embed them into our collective consciousness earlier…….

Actually, I have asked similar questions of God in the past. If I recall the answer that I believed that I received at the time, it was something to the effect that we have not been able to accurately hear messages as clear as this any earlier in what we know as our history. And even now, many can still not hear these clearly written words. I guess it is up to us, those privileged to be able to hear and begin to understand, to help spread these beautiful and powerful insights.

In the past, I had toyed with imagining what I would have done had I known what I know now, back when I graduated high school. Such thoughts are thrilling to consider, but seem just to be daydreams. I had even posed it as a sort of question to God in prayer, looking for guidance about what I should be doing now. My recollection of this response was that in such imaginings I am just fooling myself. I was asked what I could have done back then that I cannot do right now? I was informed that my imagined loss (the lost opportunity) was just imagined and not at all real. I seem to recall feeling quite chagrined and pressured by this response at the time, feeling not up to the task and the responsibility that my interpretation of this answer implied.

I guess these kinds of questions only arise when we do not deeply accept that God’s universe is evolving according to a perfect and infinitely complex plan, a plan that we are only very dimly beginning to appreciate. And one in which we all play a vital role.

With love and high hopes……..Chuck

What you write is awesome,

What you write is awesome, Chuck. You have added a dimension to this forum, and we are blessed.




Quel joli commentaire, juste "Merci" et tout est dit.
merci pour ce merci!

"Love sufferes long and is kind...

Love is not behavioral. You can not do love. Love is like kindness, it can't be done, it has to be felt. Love is from the inner person of the heart and that's only one Person, God. You can't do HIM. He does HIS stuff through you. You can only love HIM by knowing HIM. Life's, like that.

George learning to be love

I agree with you

I agree with you wholeheartedly. Love has to be a state of consciousness.

Then I think that if we consciously practice being good to all, we must get a good feeling that makes the next time more natural.

Like in a blog I mentioned that the Dog Whisperer put a leash on a timid dog's tail and had the dog walk with his tail high which brave dogs do, and then the dog got used to keeping his tail high and became brave. Can it be that way with love and kindness too?

Dear Gloria, what beautifull

Dear Gloria,

what beautifull comments are there! I agree with all. But I have an open question for none had know answer me: if a person made you a lot of badly, but very much during the all time and right now, what can you do?
I have my answer, but I would to compare with somone else. I thanks for all participations!

2 Heavenletter Haikus for

2 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said just relax
Into Beingness of Love
Breathe love in and out

God said display love
And send the love out instead
Love where love seems not

Love, Light and Aloha!