cure for everything

The Deep Silence of Love

God said:

How about it? Why don't We take a break today from whatever is on your mind? Let's just relax into the Beingness of Our Love and forget about everything else. There is always something on your mind, is there not? Let's empty your mind for a while and simply enjoy the love We share. Let's just love and not mind about anything else.

Leave the Game of Unhappy Memories

God said:

The cure for all that ails you is to move your thoughts over. Some thoughts belong with My divine sons and daughters, and some thoughts do not. Accept this modality ahead of time, and you will be steering your thoughts. You will round them up almost automatically. Your distraught thoughts will go into a truck, and your uplifting thoughts will go out into the green pastures where they can chew their cud.

The World

God said:

Again and again, the cure for life is to return your heart to Mine. When the world holds you in its grip, when life becomes too much for you, lean back. My arms will catch you. It is your attention away from the toils of the world and your attention on the joys of God that catches you.

Extend the Universe

God said:

You are responsible for everyone in the universe because what you say, think, do, feel, etc. influences everyone and everything. Yet it is not for you to take charge of any individual except the one you call yourself. That gives you enough to do.

The Power and the Glory

God said:

When will you believe and accept that you are My beloved? When will you stop seeing yourself as some kind of outcast of Heaven? I really did not send Adam and Eve out of the Garden, and I do not cast you out. That is an impossibility for Me. I do not cast anyone out. I do not dismiss anyone. Beloveds, I am the Great Includer, the Great Embracer, the Great Uniter. I am One Who loves you with all My heart. This is easy for Me. So I ask again, why is it hard for you to believe that I love you?

The Circumference of Your Love

God said:

Everyone deserves love. Everyone. And you are to radiate love out to everyone. There is not anyone who is not deserving of your love. Regardless of what you may think, no matter what you feel, you are to snub no one. There isn’t anyone you are to set yourself above or apart from. Would you really spurn a child of Mine? How can this be?

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