The World

God said:

Again and again, the cure for life is to return your heart to Mine. When the world holds you in its grip, when life becomes too much for you, lean back. My arms will catch you. It is your attention away from the toils of the world and your attention on the joys of God that catches you.

World thought consumes you. You ride a certain wave of world thought, as you would a Dodge'em car, and you crash against the wall. The world itself has put up a wall, and would keep you there. It would keep you indentured to distortion and dismay.

When you think the world you see is all there is, what can you feel but dismay? But Life is about more than the display of life on earth.

Life, as seen from your vantage, is a board game you have somehow found yourself on. You may switch from one named game to another, but yet you find yourself going in certain laid-out tracks. All the while, you would rather leap into meadow grass where there are no tracks to follow except the course of My love and yours.

But that you can do anywhere. And you must. Lift your thoughts higher. That is what you really want, to be out of the morass of your own thoughts, for they are what keep you down.

Your heart is the elevator that will take you up. Elevate yourself.

When you find yourself attacked by a horde of bees in the world, you don't stay there in their midst and try to push each one off. You remove yourself from them. You go somewhere where they are not. You do not pretend there are no bees, but you do not stay where they can sting you. Why then stay with thoughts that are hurtful to you?

The ways of the world are not your ways. You do not need to be party to the woes of the world. You need not advertise them. Nor clench your fists.

Why would you keep knocking on the same door, when there are many doors open to you? Yet you bang on the door troubles of the world. No wonder you feel discouraged.

The negative need not consume so much of your attention. It can get along without you. It is the beauty of the world that needs your help. Let your thoughts magnify it. The beauty of the world is just as great as the ugly only it is not so noisy. It doesn't push its way to the front. That the beauty of the world is not so dramatic doesn't mean that it doesn't shine.

In the world, you give certain people stardom. Do the same with love. Make the beauty of love a star. If a Hollywood star can be discovered in an ice cream parlor, where can you not make stars?

Mass world thought is not better nor smarter than yours. Do not make world thought your TV Guide to tell you what is available. The world forgot to list Heaven. The world has forgotten to look up. The world keeps looking down, pouncing on one problem after another, and snagging them in a net and never letting them go. More rules are made. Rules restrict. They are not blessings. Let not the world restrict your heart and mind. The world's boundaries are false.

But you are real, and your heart outdistances the circumferences of the world. It has to, or it is not happy. Your heart is meant for greatness. Let the world keep up with you. You are ahead of it.

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