The Master Key to the Universe

God said:

Your heart is the key to the entire Universe. We can even say that your heart is the Universe. Certainly, you contain the whole Universe. Your mind, as beautiful as it is, cannot contain All That Is, and yet your human heart can. Your human heart does.

Heart and mind are certainly connected, no doubt about that. And yet the mind, no matter how brilliant, is subsidiary to the heart. It is love in the heart that is the Master Key to the Universe. It is in your heart that all is known. Without getting technical, We can say that your soul resides within your heart. Your heart is the Prompter, so to speak. Your heart is connected to everything and everyone and every other single heart. We can say that your heart is the Knower, and that means you are the Knower, for it is your heart that beats the drums of love.

Love is Great Knowing. You know the kind of love I am talking about. The love that transcends all bounds. The love that is Mine.

With all due respect to your heart, your beautiful throbbing heart, it has, as you well know, been embroiled in little things hardly worth the name heart. I speak of the sort of embroilment that might be called flaming red ego. Ego is not really a boarder in your heart, beloveds. Ego is rather an invader. Surely ego makes room for itself in your heart. There are those moments when ego seems to brazenly take over your heart. You know what I'm talking about.

If you are one who has left ego behind and no longer allow it to eat at your heart, you can skip this Heavenletter now, or you can read it and just let these words fall off by the wayside the way you would drop off a hitchhiker when you are parting ways.

You have thought that your heart knows anger. It certainly seems like it does. At those times, there has been an invader of your heart, and this invader is called ego. No matter how justified your anger may be, no matter how worthy, no matter how necessary-seeming, it has no place in the Universe, and, therefore, no place in your heart.

The you that I know can handle whatever an offense may be without the assistance of anger. You don't need the stimulus of anger. Anger reveals a sense of powerlessness, as if you, a Child of God, need a hired hood for a bodyguard.

Anger not only reveals itself at every opportunity, it incurs itself. Anger, even your anger, is Johnny-on-the-Spot, ever ready, even eager, to take umbrage. It is as if anger jumps for joy at finding an occasion for itself. And yet you know that anger doesn't feel good. It eats you up.

When others are angry with you, you can, you really can, deal with their anger effectively without mirroring their anger. You do not need to be boosted onto anger's shoulders. You don't need anger to fight your battles. You don't need battles at all. You don't need to succumb to another's anger. You don't need to cater to it. You can be dispassionate. You can respond without spitfire anger.

Your God-given heart is really too big for anger. You are well aware that anger is not the bailiwick of your heart. Anger is not what your beautiful burgeoning heart is made for. Yet your beautiful God-given heart has sometimes become the hostage of ego. Beloveds, there is no glory in ego and its cohort anger.

Come back to the big picture, beloveds. Remember Who you are.

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The Master Key to the Universe

I am determined today to take every word in this Divine and Glorious Message
from God into my heart. I want to KNOW, without a shadow of a doubt, that
anger only eats away at the simplicity and beauty of the Heart God has given me.
I absolutely don't need the stimulus of anger for any reason, no matter how
seemingly justified. Here is the powerful truth of this Heaven Letter: ANGER ONLY


"Remember WHO you are!"

Each moment this REMINDER to: "Remember Who YOU are!" should echo in our hearts. it does in mine. Of course mine is very old and has seen lots of things which are both ugly and beautiful.

I remember in the Great Depression when the factory where my father was a tool and die maker closed it's doors. He, like all our neighbors were out of work, sort of like today.

What did he do? He worked in the yard, or in the garden, or in the basement making things. All the while he was working he was singing or humming a song. The same song he sang when he had his first heart attack and his company had to lay him off because the insurance carrier refused his coverage.

The song he loved to sing to all of us went something like this: "My FATHER is rich in houses and lands, HE holds the wealth of the world in HIS hands; rubies and diamonds and riches untold..." and on and on. One day he noticed the big beautiful circular stained glass window of the very old church down by Lake Michigan moved back and forth with the fierce winds off the Lake. He told the priest of the obvious danger and was told that they knew of the problem but had no money in the budget of the now smallish church. My dad said "Oh, let me fix it." He was hired by the church as a maintenance man, build a scaffold, read up on stained glass repairs and rebuild the window which to this day stands strong.

My dad KNEW who he was, now and always. He sort of taught me that singing in the rain is always a good way to remember who you really are.
We all need to read this Heaven letter real often, especially when sickness, or financial problems or the death of a darling occurs. It reminds us to look up and know where we are and who we are. To think that this Letter is going out to all the world is such a joy!

George humming more and more

Struggling with ego

“The Master Key to the Universe” – this phrase sends chills down my spine. It kind of sums up the whole of God’s message in the Heavenletters in a nutshell….

But we are also told that our ego hides this wonderful key from us, it invades our heart and “brazenly” takes over, leaving us with powerlessness and easily angered.

I have had a hard time wrapping my mind around how God uses the word “ego” in these letters. My training in psychology and psychiatry had left me feeling that “ego” is a necessary and healthy part of our psyche. After reading this HL, I decided to search the HL archives and try to determine just what God means when He uses the term ego. The following is a summary of what I found and I hope it is helpful to others who may suffer from a similar quandary.

God has nothing good to say to us about ego, it seems. He describes ego as being in a sort of constant tension with our awareness of Truth, being a major factor that binds our heart and blocks the free flow of love through our heart that He desires for us. Clearly, the more ego-bound we are the less of His love we are in touch with. In contrast, our intent to seek His Truth displaces our wayward ego quite effectively. The Truth is always there, but the noise and hysterics of the ego dulls our awareness of it. This is a clear and powerful theme throughout the letters.

But why do we have it and where does ego come from? We all struggle with it, but to what purpose? Answers to this series of questions are not as readily found as the messages that decry ego as the source of much of humanity’s suffering. We get a partial answer in letters that describe ego as a false sense of self. From my survey, I concluded that ego seems to be built and maintained by a structure of errant thoughts. Primarily they are beliefs that we lack what we need, such as a desire for accolades, compliments, wanting to look good, find success in our careers, etc. Not that these things are bad in and of themselves, but our rigid attachment to them thoroughly distracts us from our Truth. The king-pin of all our errant thoughts seems to be our belief in death, since all the other errors seem to link back and stand on this one. The things that we feel we lack are so compelling to us since we instinctively feel that they will help to distance us from our imagined annihilation.

Looked at in this way, our ego can be seen to arise from errant beliefs that quite naturally arise from our experience of the material world and our physical senses. Our job is to transcend this superficial understanding in favor of the Truth that will displace this errant system of ideas, to understand our eternal nature, our unique value and the joy of serving.

I feel in less of a quandary, now.

Love to all……Chuck

WOW! Yes, a great reminder

WOW! Yes, a great reminder and clear reasoning behind it! THank you, God!

Letter to God

My days begin with the first email "Heaven letters."
It is as if God is sitting right here beside me, and we are having our morning chat.

Then, I really needed to ask God a personal question. Well, the response was beyond my great imagination!

As soon as I opened the page, the energy and love that lept from the page filled me with a warm fuzzy.
I then melted with the words. God even gave me exercises to do...

I carry the letter with me, when I need to re-focus, and a gentle reminder.

I am so grateful I discovered your website. I feel truly blessed.

In love & light,

Lynda you jump started my heart

Your words were such a treat!

George driving down main street

We're so happy you are here!

We're so happy you are here!

1 Heavenletter Haiku for

1 Heavenletter Haiku for you

Hello Friends,

God said it is love
And it is the Master Key
That transcends all bounds

Love, Light and Aloha!