Soul Awareness

God said:

A lot has been said in the world about the dark night of the soul. You wouldn't have dark night unless there were also day. The good thing about darkness of soul is that it makes you know you have soul. You may fear you have lost it and all contact with it. You miss it. You know how valuable it is.

You cannot lose your soul, beloveds. You cannot exchange it. You cannot misplace it. You could not even be unaware of your soul unless you had awareness of it.

You are a person on Earth with a soul. We might say that you are a soul housed in a human body, yet that is not quite accurate because the soul of you that is housed within you has no boundaries. Your soul can be in Heaven, and yet doesn't leave you where you stand. I will go so far as to say that you are your soul, beloveds. A soul in a human body is still a soul. And souls are eternal souls. Your connection to your soul is inviolate, and yet you may perceive this connection sometimes more and sometimes less and sometimes not at all.

You are definitely not lacking soul. No matter how distant you may feel, you and I are so connected that We are One, and your soul is near and dear to Me.

We say that your soul resides within you. We say that your soul resides in your innermost heart, and yet your soul that is One also is not confined. When I speak of you, the real you, the internal you, I am speaking of your eternal soul. There is, of course, no soul that is not eternal. I suppose We could say that your soul speaks for Me, and yet I don't need anyone or anything to speak for Me, and yet there is nothing that does not speak for Me. Everyone and everything points to Me, so in that way, We can also say that everything speaks for Me. Certainly the reed that blows in the wind speaks for Me. Certainly the sky speaks for Me, and all that is beyond the sky speaks for Me. And certainly you speak for Me, and your heart echoes Mine, for I am within your heart.

Yet what is soul? It is invisible, and yet it is seen. It is silent, and yet it is heard. Soul is a most wonderful amazing thing, and yet everyone has one. You have one. Your neighbor has one. Soul is great, and it is common.

You have soul, and your soul goes deep. You, who consider yourself a microcosm on Earth, a tiny dot who doesn't even show on a map, you contain soul, and your soul contained within your Beingness and that temporary body is magnificent. There is no soul that is not magnificent, and no one loses his soul. No one misplaces it, and yet many lose sight of it.

You are a Holy Being. Everyone is. That means you have soul, and all souls are beautiful. Surely you have seen glimpses of others' souls, and you know firsthand how amazing a soul is. Know now how amazing your soul is. That means to know how amazing you are.

Become more acquainted with your soul. You cannot escape your holiness. Why would anyone try to?

So say hello to your soul today. There is no darkness of soul. Turn your inner light on, so you may know the great company you keep and the great transmitter your soul and everyone else's soul is. Your soul is Mine, beloveds.

I love you in every way. I love your humanness, and I love your soul. I love you.

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I love you, too, beloved

I love you, too, beloved God!

I do not reproach. I love. (HEAVEN #1236)

Oh, Paula...Thank God for You!!

Oh, Paula!!
Your by-line "I do not reproach. I love." sent me to that Heavenletter!!

Heavenletter # 1236
Make a Splash

When the message is a reproach, you have heard incorrectly. When the message brings you back to yourself, you have heard correctly. Reproaches come from the world. Despite what you may have heard, I do not reproach. I love.

Thank you...who can tell in what way we might influence our kinship in this fast-becoming-world-of-Oneness!!

A blessing, Indeed!!

With Warm Regards,

I think that world's words

I think that world's words have bring confusion in our minds. The true is always here but we don't belive it. We belive in illness, old age, death, violence, grudge, our smalness, our powerless, our guilt. This is the power of world.
God remember us everyday we are great souls, we are magnificant, we are love.
Please, Love of mine, give me more faith, and more and more every day. Unshakeble faith.

My Dear Pitta...

God Himself/Herself suggests this prayer!!:

"If God can give me breath, He can give me faith. Faith means to remember truth...

"So now, dear Father, I ask you to help me remember...You are what I have forgotten, and You are what will help me remember what I have forgotten..."

"Remembrance of You is face-to-Face knowledge of You."

And I answer to you that My Will is done.

How most-wonderful is this!! God is NOT like the world. God is easily available.

If you read the whole prayer, it was an "instruction from God to Gloria". So you see...we all have to "start somewhere". Your day is "upon you", God tells me to tell you. I love you Sweet Soul...who can tell why I feel your most beautiful essence?

Love and Encouragement (Light!!) to you Dear Pitta,

Sutra Number: 520
From the Mountaintop

.who can tell why I feel

.who can tell why I feel your most beautiful essence?

It's the same for me


I am so moved by reading today Heaven Letter. Beautiful words full of wisdom touched
deeply my soul. Thanks so much to Glory for great, spiritual job. My love is with you, Ela

Beloved Ela, what wonders

Beloved Ela, what wonders God does perform!

He gives us His beautiful words, and we share our hearts all around the world!

My mother came from Vilna, Ela. It was Russia at the time. Still, it was Poland.

God bless you.

With love,


Our Soul's Awareness

In this Heavenly Letter, God says that truly our Soul is a timeless and magnificent
thing! And then SHE asks, "why would anyone try to escape HER / HIS HOLINESS?"
Yet, from everything I've come to understand, before we "leave" Heaven to experience
what we want or need to experience, we do agree to forget, to truly temporarily
lose sight of our magnificence. But then, surely, because of our Soul's eternally
loving awareness, purity, grace and infinite mercy, God does expect us to REMEMBER
again the Divine aspect of our SELF.


The Bigness of Soul...

I did a little "homework" for us...I hope this makes our Souls sing!!

Your holy being means your whole being. We are talking about a return to wholeness. That is your holiness. And that is Mine. Your returning yourself to Me is returning to your wholeness. Your little self wandered off from your True Self. Your True Self is restored to you the moment you look around and notice.

Heavenletter # 296
Your Holy Being

What is holiness? It is you when all that is superficial has fled. You know what I mean about superficial. You know you have been superficial all your life. How could you have awareness of superficiality unless you also had awareness of the greater depth within you? You go deep. Don’t discount yourself.

Heavenletter # 1732
Carry Yourself in Your Own Arms

Is wisdom connected to Holiness? I think so. Wisdom comes from wholeness rather than apartness.
The wisdom I speak of is not concerned with what you eat and what you wear and what to say and what not to say, and whom to know and whom not to know. Wisdom does not come from attention on details of life. Indeed wisdom comes from the heart. The heart does not consider details. The heart considers, if you can say the heart considers, only wholeness.

Heavenletter # 1014
From the Silent Recesses of Your Heart

And...of course, this is my favorite!! Isn't God just WONDERFUL?!!

I am saying that even wild and woolly, you are a Holy Being. There is no decorum required. Holiness does not wear only one face. Holiness comes in many shapes and sizes. Holiness looks just like you... Be rambunctious, and still you keep the wealth of your Holiness.

Heavenletter # 2851
Standing on a Mountain

Bonnie, dear one, you are so

Bonnie, dear one, you are so special... thanks very much for homework you done for us, for me. I'm a "new entry", I didn't read a lot of Heavenletters (Paula translates like an angel and I recover the lost time). So thank you!

Yes, Paula translates

Yes, Paula translates Heavenletters in Italian steadfastly like an angel. She was Heaven's very first translator.

Without Paula, we probably wouldn't have you, dear Patrizia.

All the people who wouldn't know Heavenletters if it were not for the translators who give so much of their hearts to God's words and to the people who want or need to read Heavenletters in their own language.

How to thank the translator angels enough, I don't know.

1 Heavenletter Haiku for

1 Heavenletter Haiku for you

Hello Friends,

God said the real you
You are a Holy Being
That means you have Soul

Love, Light and Aloha!