your mind

The Master Key to the Universe

God said:

Your heart is the key to the entire Universe. We can even say that your heart is the Universe. Certainly, you contain the whole Universe. Your mind, as beautiful as it is, cannot contain All That Is, and yet your human heart can. Your human heart does.

Heart and Mind

Gloria to God:

Dear God in Heaven, what would You like to say this morning?


The heart of man is mighty.

The heart is the connection to Me.

You could say I am based there.

Respect the heart, for it is your guide.

The mind often is an interferer, a halfback that blocks you. The mind is wayward, not the heart.

The heart is. It is a sojourner.

The mind calculates.

The heart surges.

The mind withdraws.

The heart sings truth.

What Your Mind Could Be

God said:

Nothing dismays you but your thoughts.

Your mind sets you up. It has been set for discouragement or defeat. You can reset the dial of your mind. Set your mind to reconfigure itself with encouragement and delight. Encouragement and delight are your allies. Discouragement repeats itself and holds you back.

When you bake a cake, you have a recipe. You assemble the ingredients. You put them in the bowl in a certain order. You chop and stir and blend. You pour the batter into a pan, and you pop the pan into the oven, and later you take the pan out.

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