Heart and Mind

Gloria to God:

Dear God in Heaven, what would You like to say this morning?


The heart of man is mighty.

The heart is the connection to Me.

You could say I am based there.

Respect the heart, for it is your guide.

The mind often is an interferer, a halfback that blocks you. The mind is wayward, not the heart.

The heart is. It is a sojourner.

The mind calculates.

The heart surges.

The mind withdraws.

The heart sings truth.

The mind gives reasons.

Listen to the true heart of yours with a true ear.

The mind is a wanderer.

The heart is staunch.


Dear God, what about when you don't know what your heart is saying?


Your mind has clouded it. It is the mind that says should and must and ought and have to.

The heart says, Yes.

The heart pulses truth.

The heart is a green light.

The mind is caution, or stop.

Obey the heart that underlies your nature.

The heart believes.

The mind doubts. The mind finds something to doubt.

The mind is a trafficker in stolen goods.

Your heart knows only goodness. The heart has impulses that point you in the direction you want to go.

The heart does not have whims.

The mind does.

The heart is a foot soldier.

The mind is a commander in a command post far behind the lines.

The heart is up front.

The heart calls you home to Me.

The mind cannot conceive of Me. It deceives you.

Love Me with your heart and soul, and let your mind follow.

Let your heart steer the ship.

Let your mind be a passenger.

Your heart belongs to Me. Your mind belongs to the world.

The mind was fashioned to defend the imagined separation from Me.

Ego belongs to the mind.

The heart knows Oneness.

The heart knows. The mind asks.

The heart has no questions.

Your heart is My fountain.

Your mind is a petty tyrant.

What keeps you from fulfillment of your desires is your crafty mind.

Your heart is artless.

Your heart is the site of trust.

Your mind, a tower of distrust.

The heart never forgets its Source.

The mind distracts.

The mind is a hungry hunter.

The heart is a receiver.

The heart is the way station.

The mind stabs the heart.

The human heart is My echo.

The mind is your invention designed to mask the truth of Oneness.

Love your mind, and it will behave.

Give it sustenance, and know it is a playboy.

Let your mind seek to know the Heart of All.

Let your mind find its way back to the heart.

I am a God of Heart. The heart gives wisdom. The mind merely talks about it.

The mind is an inspector. When an inspector inspects, what does he look for but for fault?

Fault is untruth.

The heart knows only truth.

The heart of man is a great thing.

Let your mind be the band that parades your heart.

Let your heart be a proud flag-bearer.

Let your heart sing My mightiness.

Let My might be yours.

We are travelers together, and Our connection, Our holding hands, is signaled in the heart.

We embrace there.

I hear your intellect working. It is buzzing with but's. "But what about knowledge?" your intellect says.

I say, Knowledge is a stranger. Heart is familiar.

Heart knows its way.

The mind gets lost.

The mind is a surfer.

The heart is a diver.

Dive into your heart and bring Me up to the surface.

Rescue Me from loneliness, and you know love.

Swim in love, not in thought.

Point your mind to the heart.

That is what it means, to follow the heart.

Where do My words here come from?

Certainly not your mind.

No offense, but not from the mind of man, but from the heart of man come my words.

Your mind is a staller.

Love your mind, but know it is a strutting child or an erudite scholar who knows not wisdom but only thought.

Believe it or not, you do not love with your mind. Your mind is a cool customer.

Your mind is a consumer. It eats off the heart.

The heart is the hearth.

It is the kitchen where the mind grabs and then eats on the run.

The kitchen of the heart prepares nourishment for you.

The mind consumes your heart.

What is a heart but the pulling of the golden chain that connects Us?

What is the mind but a gatekeeper, a lawyer who will defend or accuse at a moment's notice.

What is the heart but an innocent witness on the stand, sworn to truth, and only the truth, so help you God.

The mind is a trickster. It sees one side or another or all sides.

The heart knows not sides.

It knows Me, and I am truth.

By whatever name I am called, I am truth. The heart does not know names. It knows love to a degree beyond where the mind can go.

The mind cannot fathom love. The mind is an instrument without the sensitivity of the heart.

The mind is a printout.

The heart is the benefactor.

The heart is self-cleaning.

The mind stores, and doesn't like to give up.

The heart does not know gain or loss. It knows itself.

Love your mind, but love your heart more, for it is Mine.

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