A Gift from God with Your Name on It

God said:

What will you make of today? What will you do with it? Consider life today your oven. What will you bake in it today?

Today does come to you, and it brings what it brings with it. It may well bring surprises for you. The day is innocent. It is not responsible for what it brings, for the day is an innocent carrier. What do you bring to the day, beloveds? As the receiver of the day, do you not have some say as to how you walk through it? Whatever the day today carries, you carry it as well. It is up to you how you greet the day and what you make of it. You can make of it what you will.

What Is the Key?

God said:

Surrender starts with an openness that We can call receptivity. Receptivity is more than a willingness. It is willingness but it is willingness freed. If willingness is an open door, with receptivity, you have already opened it and now it is always open. You have stepped over willingness. You have entered the threshold of openness that lies beyond willingness. Willingness contains a little thread of control as if you deigned to willingness. But with openness, you have passed a threshold from which you cannot return.

In the Throne of Your Heart

God said:

I would ease that persistent ache in your heart. I did not put it there, but I would ease it. I soothe your heart now. I take My fingers and massage your trodden heart. I take your entrenched worries away and replace them with the vibration of love. Worry irritates your heart. Worry makes your heart turn to vinegar. Love makes your heart rife with sweet cream. The soft cream seams itself into every crevice and soothes and soothes. I press My love to your heart now.

All the Riches of the Kingdom

God said:

If I saw as you do see, I would have given up a long time ago! Have not you perhaps given up a long time ago? Have you not sometimes said, "To heck with life! I'm tired of it. I have had enough. I don't like the world the way it is. I am tired of my mere survival. I want to exceed survival. I want to enjoy life."

Say Yes to the Universe

God said:

Be in the habit of saying Yes. The beginning sound of Yes is like a cheer. It elates the person who hears it, and it eases you. To say No takes more energy. No is stiffer, and is a stumbling block. This does not mean to never say No. It means to consider Yes, and to easily let it fall from your lips. No is often automatic. It is your defense system. Let No be your choice, not a habit.

Use the word No in moderation.

Budding Hearts

God said:

A strong heart is not tough. A strong heart is generous. Tight hearts are pinched, and therefore weakened. Never think you must harden your heart in order to make it strong.

A tender heart does not get broken as you may have thought. You don't need to gird up your heart. Remember the resilient willow tree that bends and bows with the winds.

Your heart is not meant to dry up. How can your heart flow in love when it is wizened and dry? Refreshen your heart. Tears were meant to moisten your heart, not to dry it up.

At the Movies

God said:

I have good news for you today. Today is a day unlike any other day. It is all new before you.

This day before you is like a pear tree, full with pears, ready to be picked. You may have to reach for some, but all are within reach. Do not hesitate, for this one pear tree is the only one today. This holy day is singular. It is a great offering, this day before you. It is here for you to use. It was made for you.

Another's View of the World

God said:

You are one who does not welcome resistance when it comes to you. No matter who gives it, you don't like it. And so now it is for you yourself to become resistanceless. When someone says something you don't like, or asks something of you that you feel is inconsiderate, even impertinent, adjourn your resistance, for resistance becomes like a dam that holds what you disfavor. So, then, unless you want to keep what perturbs you, why would you resist it?


God said:

What can be contrary to what I say? What I say is in your heart. I am the Truth of your heart. Do you really believe I can be mistaken?

Make no mistake, I created you love. Any diversion from love is only a diversion. It is an aside. Diversion from love is like idle conversation between acts of a play. It is not the play. It is a filler. It is only talk.

When did life become taken so seriously? What if life is all play and nothing but play? Then drama and tragedy are but diversion from the reality of life. If you feel distant from joy, what have you let divert you from it?

In the Name of Life

God said:

There is no value in keeping a scorecard of your life. To gauge your life according to a scale of a remote standard is to find your life wanting. You cannot find merit without the shadow of demerit tagging along.

What is this rush to make your life better? Can you not find happiness where it already lies? Can you not relish each moment as it is served to you. Are you to pick and choose your life? Must you take your life to task and scold it?

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