In the Throne of Your Heart

God said:

I would ease that persistent ache in your heart. I did not put it there, but I would ease it. I soothe your heart now. I take My fingers and massage your trodden heart. I take your entrenched worries away and replace them with the vibration of love. Worry irritates your heart. Worry makes your heart turn to vinegar. Love makes your heart rife with sweet cream. The soft cream seams itself into every crevice and soothes and soothes. I press My love to your heart now.

Lines from your forehead are now smoothed. Worry fades. Your heart is connected to everything, and the true state of your heart is revealed.

Open your heart as you would a purse filled with golden coins.

Open your heart as you would an umbrella.

Open your heart as a baby bird opens its beak.

I relay My love into your heart. My love stirs the love that your heart is full of. Your heart needs only to be stirred, not with concern, but with the unconcern of love. What if you had a carefree heart? A carefree heart would take you far. A carefree heart would not be careful nor would it be careless. It would be just right. All on its own, it would be just right, for love needs no instruction nor supervision.

You are not the employer of your heart. You use it but you do not hire it. You do not have the say over it. Think of your heart as your best customer. Have you been bothersome to your heart?

When your heart aches, you have fed it incorrect information. You have cautioned it. You have told it to slow down or speed up. You have told it to hesitate. You have put your heart on hold. That is not good customer service.

You have dissuaded your heart from its rightful course. You have lied to it. You have told it to fill with anxiety and even terror, enough to last a lifetime or more. Can you not now begin to treat your heart right and reward it? Frankly, you have abused your heart. You have been kicking your heart around like a tin can. Self-heart abuse has become your forte. You have become expert at depressing your heart. You have hidden your heart's face away from you. I do not scold your heart. I say you have mismanaged your heart, and now I tell you to hold it in great esteem.

There is no need to bewilder your heart. Rather, stand in awe at the threshold of your heart. What a magnificent mansion your heart is! Every chamber of your heart is furnished elegantly with love. Be proud of this heart of yours that is swelled with love. Withhold from it no longer. Nourish it now. Be proud of it, and take it out. Take it with you wherever you go. Make it your constant companion. Remember your heart, and remember its bounty, and that you are to give it commonly.

Display your heart to the world. Abstain from announcing your cleverness. Announce your heart, or let your heart announce you. This is the Annunciation of your heart. I have just announced it to you.

This is not the debut of your heart. This is its graduation. It is graduating into the world. It is graduating from seclusion. Now you make your heart communal. Your heart doesn't belong to you any more, for it is yours only to give out as you would a flyer to every passerby.

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