The Harbinger of Love

God said:

You think that the state of sleep is oblivion. But what are you oblivious to? In sleep you wander to other fields, that's all. All day long you are oblivious to one thing or another. But oblivious does not mean that what you are oblivious to is not there. Simply your awareness is not there. When you think of one thing, you are not thinking of another. That is how there is no loss. Those in your life who are important to you exist in your awareness of them. Even if they are sitting right next to you and you are not thinking of them, they do not exist for you at that moment.

Each Being who is important in your life has an essence. The essence is always there. Whether the assumed other is in physical form or not, that is not really the issue. There is no issue. If there were issue, it would be awareness. You cannot consciously keep all the pieces together, but on another level, you are fully in My awareness. You are never out of it. Consider Me the Harbor of Love.

A mother thinks of her baby constantly. But as the child grows, the mother and child release each other from constant attention. I need not release nor hold, however. It is impossible for you to be out of My awareness. It is like I hold My fingers on every key of the piano. I hear the music played or not.

When you are aware of your worries, you are not thinking of your blessings. It is like you have travel modes of thought. You veer from one to the other. You can stay on the blessing path when you see its value and choose. You call it positive thinking. I call it accurate.

What do you have to gain from the frazzled thoughts you call worry? And what do you have to gain from awareness of Truth and Beauty? What do you have to lose? You don't have to worry about keeping in touch with the details of life, for they will insert themselves well enough. You have nothing to worry about, but if worry were, worry about keeping in touch with Reality. Underscore it. Bold it. Pin it to your bulletin board. Write it in your calendar. Write Truth and Beauty in every line.

If life is the cake you bake, then Truth and Beauty are the flavoring. Of course, in My Reality, truth and beauty are the main ingredients of the cake, are the cake altogether. But for the sake of the distortion you live in, I will say they are the flavoring. Favor them.

If your attention can be on only a little at a time, then let it be on what nourishes you and the universe. Whereas the thought of love is only the thought of love and by itself is not enough, it is still better to hang your coat on even the thought of love than on something else. The other racks in life do not hold you nor your coat up very well. They are imaginary. Or did you think that love was? Did you think that truth and beauty were illusionary when they are the basis?

Awake or asleep, you are awake to something and asleep to something else.

Choose what you will be awake to.

Do not choose heartache any longer. Haven't you had enough of it? Why would you throw out your fishing line to bring in more? Throw your fishing rod away. Look at the little fishes that swim. Relax your thoughts a little. Let your mind become a deep pool where love swims, and you, who ponder by the side of the pool, become the harbinger of love. Become the harbinger of love even to yourself. Wake up to love.