In Service to Greatness

God said:

Sometimes you quake at the bereavement of your thoughts. Sometimes you feel that all is lost. Consider that all you consider lost or losable is illusion. That is all that loss can be. You can only have the illusion of loss. You certainly have the fear of it. Fear is illusion.

All the relative plane of life is illusion except the joy and love. They are Truth. But even so, on Earth you have only a glimpse of them. When you look to the world and the people in it to further your joy, you will inevitably be let down. First the world raises you up, and then it lets you drop. But it is not the world really that does this. It is your own vanity.

When you remember that you are on Earth for the revelation and realization of Me, you become more reasonable in life, less attached, more open. This interim life of yours is not for you alone. By all means, ask for what your purpose is, but know that your purpose is to serve Me. Ask what you are to do to fulfill Me. Ask how you can best serve Me, for in that lies the fullness of your heart.

Does that sound pretentious or holy to you, that you are here to serve God? Let it, but know that that your purpose is to serve Me. I have allocated you on Earth for that very thing, so that you may do My work on Earth, so that I may be evidenced through you. This is not a sacrifice I ask of you. This is your reward. Would you rather serve a Great King or a little ego? That is the question. That is the only question.

Do you want greatness or littleness?

Do you want woe or do you want joy?

Do you want the glory of fame or do you want the glory of God?

You can have your fame and God's glory. It makes all the difference when you know for Whom you seek fame or whatever you seek. You seek Me in order to serve Me and so discover yourself. This little entity called by your name is not you. It is a caricature of you. It has so little to do with you, this running around you do and the manner in which you do it.

You are far greater than this movement of your body. You are far greater than your thoughts. You are far greater than anything you have thought of. You are far greater than the greatest thought the world has ever held. You are far greater than your greatest dreams. Whatever picture you have of yourself — it is little next to My accurate vision of you.

And so We become aligned. I ask you to serve Me so that you may truly serve yourself.

You are simply greater than you know. You are great in simplicity. Let Us have one thought, and that is how to serve. Not how to gain but how to give. Are you not learning to open your heart on Earth and let your magnificence come out? And what could that be but service to Me?

You are in service to Me. There is no escape from that. And why would you want to? Is there someone else you would rather serve? Is there someone else waiting in the wings who wants your service more than I do? Your service to Me is My love for you.