serve God

The Screensaver of Your Mind

God said:

What is it that you want? Do you want to serve Me? Then set the intention that you serve Me. Have the intention. Let prayers set your intention. Rather than asking Me for intervention, turn on the motor of your own heart. Remember, beloveds, that you are the fulfillers of My desires. Consider Me your partner but not your messenger boy. Join Me.

If you do desire to serve Me, set your intention the way you would set your clock. As certainly, clearly, and determinedly as you set your clock, set your intention. Be that decisive.

In Service to Greatness

God said:

Sometimes you quake at the bereavement of your thoughts. Sometimes you feel that all is lost. Consider that all you consider lost or losable is illusion. That is all that loss can be. You can only have the illusion of loss. You certainly have the fear of it. Fear is illusion.

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