All the Love in the World

God said:

When all are One, all are connected. When all are connected, connections are made. You are connected to everyone and everything, so why are you surprised when you meet just the person most auspicious to meet, even when you didn't know ahead of time that you desired to meet them? Why are you surprised when a way comes, when a path is opened up for you, a doorway swept clean, or a bus pulls up just when you need to get on?

All the people in your life are connected to you. All of the people not in your life are also connected to you. So there is no one who is not connected to you. All of the people you have met and not yet met are connected to you. Everyone who has lived or not yet been born is connected to you. The author of every book you have ever read is connected to you. You were meant to read their book or you were not. You were meant to write it, or you were not. There is a message for you everywhere, and everyone is delivering it. If you are always at the right place at the right time, how can it be otherwise?

Even what you call the wrong place at the wrong time furthers you, when you bear in mind that there are no grievances except as the world says. The world segregates life into welcome or unwelcome, but life itself, whatever colors it is flying, is life, neither more nor less.

Whatever you experience, the whole world experiences it with you. It is not true that you cry alone. That is not true anymore than aloneness is. You can never be alone, because all of Creation is with you.

Then what is this illusion of aloneness and loneliness when all are of one ray? Why is the wallflower who is not asked to dance sitting on a wooden chair around the rim of the room? How can the one who has dancing partner after dancing partner also feel lonely? When all hearts are One, how can hearts not meet?

If another's heart does not reach yours, have you stood aside?

What do you think is at stake if you open your heart to everyone in your midst? What would happen? Hearts would unfold. Petals from your heart would fly everywhere. The world would become a garden of heartpetals. How soft the world would be. Can it not be?

Today take one step toward softening the world. The step can be interior, or it can be exterior or it can be both. It can be planned or spontaneous. Today an occasion will present itself where you can be a buffer for another heart and therefore your own.

Whatever you prepare for today, you prepare for you. Whatever you serve, you serve to yourself. Whatever you delay, you delay yourself. Whatever opportunity you present, you present it to yourself. Why not then offer your beautiful beating heart to the whole world?

While you are at it, while you are on Earth, why not deliver love wholeheartedly? Can someone? If someone can, cannot you?

Christ was not sentimental, so do not think I am telling you to strew sentiment. Where Christ walked, love was. His love was so great that he gave My love everywhere he trod. He gave love on My behalf and in My Name. He never absented himself from love nor withdrew it from himself.

He loved his neighbor as himself. He knew not the difference between his neighbor and himself nor one neighbor from another. He differentiated one body from the other but not love. His gift of love was to all, near and far, for his heart gave all the love it was capable of, and that was all the love in the world. The same I assign to you.