Another's View of the World

God said:

You are one who does not welcome resistance when it comes to you. No matter who gives it, you don't like it. And so now it is for you yourself to become resistanceless. When someone says something you don't like, or asks something of you that you feel is inconsiderate, even impertinent, adjourn your resistance, for resistance becomes like a dam that holds what you disfavor. So, then, unless you want to keep what perturbs you, why would you resist it?

What you do not resist will flow right past you. You may even find that you were more resistant than the other party was impertinent. Perhaps you resisted simply that which was not your idea. You could have made room for it. Who made this a big deal? You or the other?

What a novelty, not to resist! Because something was not in your initial plan, does that mean it must not be?

When you remember that all is well, what would be so hard about accommodating another person's way of seeing? Does not so much of Human life become a duel when there is no need for it? Why would you duel with people who are present to serve you?

Stand up for what is important. But when something doesn't really matter, why insist on it? Make certain that you are not wanting your way for the mere sake of your way. This is not at all the same as letting people stomp on you. This is simply not letting yourself put up inelegant barriers that serve no one.

Sometimes you have a habit of saying No. Develop the habit of saying Yes. See how delightfully Yes falls from your lips. See how closing down No is. No is adamant. Yes is flowing. Yes allows. Yes is an embrace. No is a shove.

Sometimes you have been on automatic with No. Be more discretionary.

Remember that a Human Soul has come before you and suggested or asked something of you. Must you come from irritation when you have a God-given opportunity to rise above it?

What a God-given opportunity for you to come from a Great Place of Being! What a God-given opportunity for you to come from Grace! What a God-given opportunity for you to learn new ways of dealing with life and changing it before your very eyes! Why would you choose old ways when there are less resistant ways before you?

Perhaps you think it is hard to let go of resistance, but it is resistance that is hard. By definition, resistance is hard. It takes great resolve to resist life as it comes.

My children who resist all too frequently must think they are coming from a higher place than another. Have you not perhaps been thinking you were high and mighty? Now know you stand on earth, just as the person before you. Sometimes he is mistaken, and sometimes you are. In terms of life, whatever the score, start even. Start from the possibility that you can move over a little and make room for another's vision. When you accommodate another's view of the world, perhaps you will expand your own.

Admit into your conscious awareness the possibility that someone knows at least as much as you. Perhaps their way is just as good as yours. And why do you care so much anyway that your will prevail? What is at stake? Why, nothing at all. A little ego perhaps, a little ego that needs to be shooed away anyway.