At the Movies

God said:

I have good news for you today. Today is a day unlike any other day. It is all new before you.

This day before you is like a pear tree, full with pears, ready to be picked. You may have to reach for some, but all are within reach. Do not hesitate, for this one pear tree is the only one today. This holy day is singular. It is a great offering, this day before you. It is here for you to use. It was made for you.

Before you can make maximal use of a day, you have to accept it. Slow down enough to recognize what it means that a day is before you, and then you will accept it. It means that today is an unwritten page in a book. It is an unplowed field. It is a magnificent forest that leads to a glade and another horizon more spectacular than the one before. Of course, you have to go on the trail of it.

Oh, this day beckons you to come to it.

Today is a mountain spring asking you to drink. Take what is offered you. This is the one mountain spring before you. There will be others, but this is the one here right now. The spring gives its water whether you drink from it or not — but why would you not drink from it?

Today is the cinema that is being shown in theaters all across the world. The same movie is being shown at different times. Each person in the theater seems to see a different show. And all come out of the theater one way or another, and discuss the movie of the day and rate it. Everyone is admitted to this theater. It greets everyone the same. And yet each participant has an opinion about it.

You are on stage and off-stage at the same time. You sit in the audience and you view a screen. You see yourself on the screen. Everyone sees himself on the screen, and everyone is in the audience as well. The person in front of you sometimes seems to spoil your view, and others step in front of you and spill popcorn.

This is the theater of life. It comes to you every day without fail. It is here for you. You might as well meet it halfway. You might as well meet it all the way. Go right up to it. No need to stay in line.

This day is as much yours as it is anyone's.

The day comes in with the sun, and it recedes with the sun. It bows before you, this day, as it enters and as it exits. This day is for everyone, and it is for you, a beautiful slate to write on. Today is a new dance floor. The steps of the dance may be the same, but no dance is ever the same. No two dancers are the same. You are not the same.

You are as new as the day before you. You are as unwritten as the day. Come play in it. Like this day, you have never been seen before. An illustration of you was seen, and on this day, you pop up as another illustration. You went to sleep the night before, and now a new you arises from the bed, for, if each day is new, then you must be too. When you arise to life, you are new. All is new. See for yourself. Everyone and everything roll in newness.

Newness is a condition of relative life. It is called change.

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