The God Stream

God said:

I am in your DNA, and you are in Mine. That must be so, because We are indelibly One. We share a common DNA. Passed through generations, your DNA and Mine match. Of course, your DNA is identified in the world, and Mine is not. If I leave fingerprints, it is you who leaves them for Me. If I leave footprints, it is you who leaves My footprints. You who are My messengers, you do everything for Me. Thank you.

The Star of Your Movie

God said:

Life is what you call it. Your words determine your life. Call it heads, and it is heads. Call it tails, and it is tails. Life is something you stir, put the cover on, serve to yourself and others. The soup of life may seem to come to you ready-made, but, even then, you are the purchaser of it. At least, you are the packager. At least, you carry it with you.

So You Fly through the Air

God said:

How did your individuality come to be you? How is it you have the talents you have? How is it you are influenced by urges within you? How is it that one person becomes what is a called a great success, and another does not do well in terms of the world? How is it that one can come from a favorable background and not do well, and someone from an unfavorable background with all the odds against him can do exceedingly well?

How much is fate, you ask, how much is karma?

Beloveds, it is not fathomable. You cannot understand what you cannot understand.

You Are a Simple Peddler

God said:

God is a sentinel.

I blow the horn of life. Once sounded, it reverberates through the universe. Indeed, it brought the universe into being, and the perpetual sounding keeps it going. You are part of the creation made from My call. I summoned you. I summon you still.

Once played, the note of you continues. You are eternal. You are the sound issued from My lips, and I continue to hum you.

Your DNA

God said:

You are performing a study of life. You research it. Your questions are rampant. The answers you find have been mixed.

Now consider life a neatly folded piece of beautiful cloth. It is folded accordion-style. As you pull, each lap of cloth unfolds, one after the other, ever unfolding. Infinite is this cloth. The colors and patterns change. Every now and then, a wrinkle appears, but it is the same cloth unfolding, rippling as it were. Let the rippling delight you. Perhaps the next turn is the most magnificent of all.

Consider the unfolding of this magic cloth as magnificent. Is it not?

Walking into the Ocean

God said:

You may think there are steps to life, and that you must remember what a Heavenletter said, follow My words like instructions. As you read Heavenletters, My thoughts go into your DNA; rather, My thoughts are already in your DNA, and My Words stir the recollection. Your DNA is ever spinning. Your DNA is like a post-it note, reminding you that you don't need to remember. Remembering is holding on, and you are to let go. You don't have to remember what I say. I will remember for you.

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