truth of existence

The God Stream

God said:

I am in your DNA, and you are in Mine. That must be so, because We are indelibly One. We share a common DNA. Passed through generations, your DNA and Mine match. Of course, your DNA is identified in the world, and Mine is not. If I leave fingerprints, it is you who leaves them for Me. If I leave footprints, it is you who leaves My footprints. You who are My messengers, you do everything for Me. Thank you.

The Truth You Seek

God said:

All is a metaphor. Your life tells a story. And there is significance to your story beyond the story itself.

What if your life is an epic poem? There are words in poetry, but the poem is far greater than the words. Or your life is a many-paged novel. This or that act is committed, but the act represents something more than itself. What is the meaning beyond the meaning?

Your life is a tale being told.

Each day is a new leaf of a novel whose page you turn. There is more to reading the novel than reading its pages.

A Genie within You

God said:

When you despair, you have lied to yourself. You have said things will not change. You have told yourself that you will always feel dreary and have reason to. You have said that a suffering emotion will always grip you. But emotions are changing things. And so is your life.

Yet hope is a little thing. It is too little for you. Hope is very maybe-ish. It is a whimper of truth. It hardly passes for itself.

Awareness of truth is another story.

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