Speak a New Language

God said:

There are many excuses in the world for not being happy, and yet the alternative exists for you to be happy. If you are not feeling happy or content or useful or whatever you want to call the essence of feeling okay and good with life, you have chosen what you are feeling.

Whatever you are feeling right now, you have chosen it. You can feel any number of things, and what you feel now is what you chose. Everyone has the same list of possibilities. Move feeling good about yourself and life to the top of your list. Forget about alphabetical order. Put all the unwanted feelings in small print at the end of your list. Better yet, cross them off altogether.

You are not at the mercy of what the world hands you. You are at the mercy of your own thoughts. The dictator you live under is your own thinking. Raise your thoughts higher. If you want to jump higher, then you set the rope higher. Set higher standards of thinking for yourself. This is how you will erase the boundaries of unsatisfying thinking.

If you really loved yourself, would you serve yourself from a platter of unwanted foods? I think you would serve yourself delicacies. You would not even think of distasteful foods in the first place. You would not have to discard them. And your mind is greater than your stomach.

Beloveds, what you serve yourself, you are serving others. I know you would not serve your guests what you yourself do not want, yet when it comes to thoughts, that may be what you have been doing. You have perhaps offered suffering of one kind or another to your friends. You have perhaps offered emotions no one wants. You have perhaps offered discouragement and discontent. You have offered depressing thoughts, telling yourself you had to. Who told you, you had to?

Perhaps you have called feeling unhappy and talking about it as being honest. Do you honestly want to feel dejected? Do you honestly want to spread unhappiness? You may say you can only be who you are. I am saying that Who you are is not what you may have been speaking. When you are feeling what you would rather not feel, you are not being Who you are.

You are here on Earth to grow. You are not here to stay the same. You are certainly not here to proudly proclaim and defend that which you do not want to proclaim, what no one does. Thoughts that pull you down are weeds. You do not have to be proud of weeds. You do not have to rail against them either. Separate the wheat from the chaff. What have you been thinking, beloveds?

Perhaps you have held on to shoddy thinking without realizing you don't have to. Are you opposed to cleaning out a closet that has junk in it? It may take you a while to get around to it, yet you know removing clutter is a good thing to do. And yet when it comes to a closet of the mind crammed full of junk, you hold on to it as is, as if it were precious.

What is so precious about low-level thoughts that you would hold them to you, that you would hang them out like a flag? Is booing really better than cheering? What would make you think so?

When you move to a new country, you learn a new language.

I suggest that you are moving to a new country of full-blown positivity. Will you learn the language?

Even if you have not relocated in a new country yet, you can still learn the language. Don't tell yourself that you can't, or that you're being false to do so.

I implore you to abandon unhelpful thoughts like the plague. Come to a higher place, beloveds. Speak My language.

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Thank you for the wonderful

Thank you for the wonderful thoughts Gloria! I was depressed for 2 weeks after visiting family at Christmas and having old memories of abuse surfacing like clouds and then I got sick for 2 weeks from seeking justice and truth from him and only getting lies and abuse. So now one month later I'm finally recovering and starting to feel somewhat positive and like myself again. It is like I took a mudbath or nose dive into samsara and am now shaking it off me. So thank you for reminding me to watch my thoughts. It is hard when a thought comes as truth about abuse or injustice...it seems right at the time...and it is but confronting an evil man with his evil doings just boomerangs it all back onto me....

...when a thought comes as truth

...when a thought comes as truth about abuse or injustice...

What a compact and intense expression, Sasha. What power. You must have learned a lot.

Jochen has a way with words

Jochen tells us how love is modeling Sasha through pain. He's so good.

George green with envy

Sasha dear, you are shaking

Sasha dear,

you are shaking the mudbath off, it does not belong to you, as God says so many times in Heavenletters "you don't have to have it". Thoughts can not touch you, see them as clouds passing in the sky and see them fade away, give them all to God, hand them over to Him, write to Him, call on Him, put a question to God through Gloria. God will take it all and wrap you up tenderly in His sweetest love.

Much love and BIG BIG BIG HUG

A most interesting and

A most interesting and beautiful Heavenletter ! It reminds me of Eckhart Tolle explaining the unease we feel towards the present moment, the isness, and how men are in perpetual "searching mode" thinking that happiness lies in the future. Indeed happiness is an inside job.

I suggest that you are moving to a new country of full-blown positivity. Will you learn the language?

a most beautiful Heavenletter !

Much love

I definately agree with you

I definately agree with you Berit:)))
about inside job you reminded me one beautiful song of Pearl Jam with the same title,
here I put lyrics

"Inside Job"

Underneath this smile Lies everything
All my hopes, anger, pride and shame

Make myself a pact, not to shut doors on the past
Just for today,... I am free

I will not lose my faith
It's an inside job today

I know this one thing well,...

I used to try and kill love, it was the highest sin
Breathing insecurity out and in

Searching hope, I'm shown the way to run straight
Pursuing the greater way for all,.. human light.

How I choose to feel,... is how I am.
How I choose to feel,... is how I am.

I will not lose my faith
It's an inside job today

Holding on, the light of the night
On my knees to rise and fix my broken soul


Let me run into the rain
To be a human light again

Let me run into the rain
To shine a human light today

Life comes from within your heart and desire
Life comes from within my heart and desire
Life comes from within you heart and desire

Thanks for sharing this most

Thanks for sharing this most wonderful song ! so beautiful, so true !

Thanks also for the wonderful photo, wow !!!

Much love

Comment on Berit's thought

Only God can frame thoughts with such clarity! So wise, beautiful and just right!

George filled with awe

different dialogue ( well sort of)

hi, i know the importance of inner talk and the quality and the belief behind the words.
i see it everyday.
i am for changing and being consistant with my change. i am making progress. i am not where i was , i know i never get it done.
i want to consistently talk to myself and respect me as my best friend because the inner landscape is projected as the outer world and is accepted as what i call my reality.
so in order to create a life i will enjoy, i want to develop this relationship with me in order to achieve it.
make sense? any ideas?
thank you,
susan anderson

Susan's comments

Susan Dear:

You sing a song of life's inevitable growth. Remember honey you can't get to where you are at. You are always where you are. The most any one can do is breath a song of love for that moment. Your intention to BE is all you need to BE. You already are what you are. Love it, I do.

George loving your dialogue

dear Gloria, maybe I don't

water hands Pictures, Images and Photos

dear Gloria,
maybe I don't write often comments here but be sure that every day I read heavenletters
and every day my soul is more wealthy, more colorful, more...God-ful
so this what I wanted to say is please don't stop !!!
you are very needed here and I just Love you.
That was my language:)))

much love

Ah, Monica, you speak a

Ah, Monica, you speak a beautiful language -- with beautiful pictures too!

You are just right, dear Monica.

Monica your words push my love button

That picture is of Gloria's essence. You caught the meaning of the letter!

George oooooing

The mythological word happiness

The sad person can say happiness over and over and stay sad.

The movie can say "A little bit of sugar makes the medicine go down..." (laughter)

Darling Gloria tells us the KEY to happiness is to think the higher thoughts.

Is she right? Of course she's right. She's always right! But she neglects to tell us some secrets about thinking higher thoughts.

Just how do you think a high thought when you look at a news broadcast and believe the SPIN they put on most everything?
Just how do you think a high thought when your car hits black ice, spins out of control and smashes into a tree or building?

There's a good Book that tells us: "the JOY of the Lord is my strength.". This suggests that in the crush of the death of a darling, or the settling of a difficult divorce you are required to step into the place prepared for you by the author and finisher of your entire life.

How on earth do you do this? When the crush of doing laundry of a bunch of dirty kids is over? When the crush of listening to a lawyer telling you what you rally aught to do, quiets down? you bury your face in a pillow and say: "I really do trust YOU, who ever YOU are."
You may have to say that sort of thing a dozen times before the fly paper of you mind looses its sticky power and you learn to forgive the one who hit you, or the person who sued you, or the darling who took the short cut to heaven.

Life is what it IS. That's the way it's supposed to be. Just ask Pinokeo or Snow White.

This is not a slam at this beautiful Heaven Letter. It is designed to help you plant the kind of SEEDS that produce the kind of thoughts you wish to think when you hit that ice patch, or court room, or grocery store and can't find your credit card.

You think the kind of thought you have programed into your life style. Talk to the DIRECTOR about the program and change it to permit you to think the kind of thoughts that lift you to Gloria's level. You'll like it.

George learning to iron

thank you George for writing

thank you George for writing this and of course thank you for your comment above.
I'm very glad that you liked the pic:)))
This what I wanted to say about your reply is that I had lately this problem - very close person of mine had a big problem, and that time I was just in "seventh heaven", my soul experieced this what you think "heaven" is. I was really so happy, and I asked " how possible is to live in this state while he is suffering so much", I had remorses. I started to take his "pain", in that way I wanted to be helpful...and the result was totaly opposite, I started to feel worse, it took me almost one week to feel better, I'm still fighting with it. I ask God for more Love, because this is for me the only one "medicament". I feel like after huge flu. Anyway I'm getting better:))) I am in this comfortable situation that He is always with me, that's why I would like to tell THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BEING WITH ME, this is the most precious gift I have, feel Your presence.

sometimes I feel confuse with it - how to help my family, close friends when I see their dificulty, problems etc.
I must work on it more, or maybe my thinking is still not correct?...

ps. please, forgive me my langugage-mistakes

Monica your words push my love button

Montica you are like one of my darling grand children. yes I have grand daughters as old as you and some of them have a flock of young ones.

You asked forgiveness for your language mistakes. To be honest I never noticed any language problem, the love stuck out all over and i was blessed by your words.

I took another look at your pretty face and enchanting bio and thought about how happy you make God. You make Gloria and me and others who are Heaven Letter lovers happy so you must make Him happy too.

You will learn how to help people with their problems without taking the problems on your physical self. That comes with growing and learning how God works in us and through us. You can help a strawberry grow just by watering it. You feel no pain. Learn to nourish those you love the same way you take care of a garden. Love is everything that's needed. You bless me. Thanks Honey

George whose heart skipped a beat

my dear George and my dear Berit:)))

I've just read your beautiful reply. You even can't imagine how important to me is to listen to it. So few people can understand my soul. It's funny, sometimes even me - I can't uderstand "its construction". Oh my God, how come?
So few people here understand this what I'm saying, my opinions - "my language". I see people around who are only in materialistc world, into money and bussiness so I am so grateful that I found this "piece of my heaven".
Who can understand me when I say for example that my soul is suffering when I see all this pain around, who can understand that I would like to change things so badly, who understand me when I speak about oneness, that we are all one, and we depends one on each other, that Love is so important....who?
That's why I feel more "safe" while speaking with God...I am sure that He understand me...who else can?.....
this is what I have inside me and sometimes I just feel so confused in this world...
from the other I know that everything is for a reason, so I don't try to change myself, I just follow His path and I know that He cares of me. That was the optimistic point:)))

Dearest Monicah, "So few

Dearest Monicah,

"So few people here understand this what I'm saying"
... well of course, God did put on the perfect spot to shine His light and love on all. I think many of us suffer a bit from how you feel dear, I do. We are all ONE and those who seem materialistic and concentrated on money and success are just kind of blind or unconcious, in their heart I mean. They still believe in the smoke screen they see. They still think that what is outside of them determines who they are. They will surely blossom when their time is right.
We all would rather be surrounded by people who share our views and who are caring and gentle, but then, being gentle and caring to them would not be much of a merit, wouldn't it ? Being gentle and caring and patient and compassionate with whom pushes our buttons is quite different. It's what we wanted to learn maybe, for, unconditional love lived every minute in every day life is a miracle, and you dear Monicah are doing it so beautifully.
This Heavensite is indeed Heaven ! Here we can just BE and get kind of new divine fuel for the things that are waiting for us. Staying only amongst other wonderful children of God would be kind of waste, God of course wants you to shine love and light were it is needed and reach through you other hearts and minds to awaken.

Infinite Love dear


dear Berit,

I think I wasn't precise with "so few people here.." - I meant in my environment, in real world. And this "piece of heaven"
I have in my heart and here in Heavensite. I know that here in Heaven community I don't have to be affraid that somebody will not understand my meaning, and I'm sure that here my soul, sometimes my pain is intelligible. That's why I am so glad to be part of this beautiful world.

thank you for your words my dear friend, they only confirm authenticity of this site, people who create it, and our comments

may Love of God will be always with you

Dear Monicah, George said it

Dear Monicah,

George said it all and so excellently. such a beautiful and compassionate heart as yours dear, it's natural that it leaps out to those who are in a difficult situation. We can't spare anyone his experiences but we can make the difference of how they live those difficulties.
I feel you don't have to "work on it" but "let God do the work through you", just be a channel of love, indeed, Neale Donald Walsch's "What would love do now?" is a most wonderful question.

Much love to you dear !!! ♥

Pay attention to Berit!

Honey, your words worked their sweet way into our heart. What Berit suggests is just perfect.

George thinking about you and Berit


....there is no other way my dear George,

working silently, spreading God's Love,
I am sure He knows me better than I can imagine...
His Love is bigger than I can dream of...
He knows what I can do,
I really trust Him
So better leave it as it is
I love you ALL my heavenletters friends:)))


No other way

That you say: "working silently, spreading God's love, ..." Tells me all about you and your darling self. I'm enchanted with the way God creates HIS living dolls for us to delight in and enjoy. I love the way you talk.

George hugging his Greek Doll to his heart

2 Heavenletter Haikus for

2 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said you think so
So what have you been thinking
Being Who you are

God said Beloveds
You have chosen what you feel
Whatever it is

Love, Light and Aloha!

Every day you light my candle

"So what have you been thinking, You have chosen what you feel"
Sweet Goldylocks puts the two together just right! Oh, thank you honey

George feels like he lit a new sparkler in his brain


Hey Gloria,

Thanks a lot for this write up..its just wat i was feeling today..down n out and i wanted to so badly get over this mood and i cameover to heavenletters to read one of ur old heavenletters and bang the 1st thing i read was this and it so perfectly met with wat i felt..really felt God is listening..:)..i dont know what higher thinking or how to do positive thinking or wat is stoping me.. but i love these 2 lines and it def makes me think:

"When you are feeling what you would rather not feel, you are not being Who you are."

"Move feeling good about yourself and life to the top of your list."

thanks a lot..am grateful for your presence.have a gr8 day

Hey Anjali, And we are

Hey Anjali,

And we are grateful for your presence!

Have a GR8 day, and post often!

Love and blessings,