Imagine the Dancing

God said:

It is a beautiful thing to give love. Everyone I know in the world can use some quiet love, and I know everyone. We can call this love solace. Give solace to another, beloveds. This is the least you can do in gratitude to Me. It is in My heart and My trust and is My desire that you give solace, not to one, not to two, but to all.

Everyone has had a heartbreak or two. Everyone is recovering from something. It may be a long ago hurt. It may be from a recent blow. Every heart, no matter how brave its show, has entitlement to yours.

Solace is not giving sympathy. It is a simple understanding that, in the long haul, everyone's voyage in life is tender, and, for that reason, everyone can use more tenderness. Call it gentleness. Call it reconciliation. Call it love.

Everyone's heart is hungry and thirsty. Everyone's heart yearns for acknowledgment of its role in life. Every heartbeat whispers that it can always use a boost. A boost from your heart is invited. Every heart is happy to know that it is surrounded by other hearts, especially yours. Everyone wants your heart to say hello. Your heart has to beat for something. It has to beat its drum for more than its own sustenance.

No heart is meant to keep to itself. No heart is meant to suffer. If it must suffer, it is not meant to suffer isolation. Have your heart ready to heal another's.

Have no advanced publicity. The attention isn't on your heart and how big it is. The attention is on every other heart. When someone 3,000 miles away from you in physical terms needs a simple blessing from you, then a simple thought from you of your sending love, and your heart-mailed love will be received. This is a given. Every ray of love you send is received. Send plenty.

If you have the idea that you have an enemy, why, send your love to him or her as well. See what happens. See what happens to your own heart. Where it may have been tense, it will dissolve into ease. Your own talons of hurt will fly away, evicted by your own love messaged from your heart to another's.

How significant is a heart! How powerful! Love is love, and the love in your heart is as powerful as Mine. Your love goes out over the airways just as Mine does. And, anyway, Whose Heart is it? Ultimately, Whose One Heart do you have from which you can send out your messages of love? And from Whose One Heart does your heart receive all the blessings and solace that it does? Where did you think love comes from?

Imagine a flock of geese. They are many individual geese certainly. And yet there is a flock of geese. You may think it odd that I compare the Oneness of My Heart of Love to a flock of geese.

Compare My heart to anything. Compare it to a box of chocolates. To see one truffle is wonderful. To see one whole opened box of luscious truffles beckoning to you is more powerful. This thought alone makes your mouth water.

One daisy is a beautiful thing, and yet to see a whole field of daisies can delight your heart so much that you find yourself dancing for joy in the simple field of daisies.

Imagine the joy of the world in being filled with hearts that share themselves rampantly. Imagine all those hearts, yours included, and the Oneness of Mine that they are. Imagine the dancing then!

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The Global Dance of Hearts in Love

Dearest Ones who read this love filled journal I would like to suggest that you remember that your life has stages. You jump into your stage coach with a howl from your mom and you. That's the beginning of your morning of life.

When you stand on the school stage and get your diploma for graduation your stage coach shifts gears, the blinds are pulled aside and your destination seems to change. No one can tell you what the afternoon of your life will be like, you have to find out those things for yourself.

The afternoon time is priceless in all its swirls and twirls and ups and downs. You hit speed bumps you didn't see, and pot holes knock your mental hubcaps for a lupe but in time the afternoon turns into evening without even trying. You really do change even though you don't feel it.

The evening of your life is really different from what you thought it would be because the struggle to get toys has stopped, the struggle to be better than others or yourself seems foolish, the struggle to keep what you have takes the form of children, counselors, hospitals, insurance, and pension stuff if you have those things, but the light gets less compelling.

Nobody, not a single person told me how to say goodbye to my Darling. Lying in my arms I couldn't say "Goodbye honey." It didn't seem right to say: "I'll be seeing you later." or I'll be seeing you in all the old familiar places..." as the song goes. When I kissed her dead forehead I didn't try to form words. You just can't do those things in times like that. It turns out there's no way to say good-bye for REAL. In fact love just can't put those words into meaningful form.

I have to admit that the morning stage was lots of fun because i replaced my dead brother of same name who died of Chicken Pox and Measles at 18 months of age. After a bit I came along and my three sisters and mother felt that I was little Georgie's second coming of a sort. They played dolls with me, pampered me, and found every way to make me want to stay home forever. Even after I grew up, went to school, pounded my typewriter for months and years writing my thesis I was still Georgie to all of them. Now they're gone. I didn't say good-bye to them.
Love didn't require that at the time

For me the field of daisies turned out to be Heaven Letters. In a very special way, admin, Gloria, Jochen, Berit, Hulla Hoop and all the other poster children turned into my Stage Coach Driver. They make clear that my children now have children growing up with skate boards, skiis and lots of neat things that make them feel their blessed awakening is growing on them. I'm full of love for them in a special way, but my love extends to the troubled young people who strap bombs on their chest hoping to please God in a special way. They miss the daisy thing, but have their own Stage Coach and Driver. Will we ever understand? I hope we all grow into it in some divine melody of love.

Love to you. Sorry, I got carried away.

George about ready to hop off the Stage Coach that's given me such joy these many years.

Dearest George, you just

Dearest George, you just keep teaching us. Sending you infinite love Nancy

Nancy opened my heart

My heart is awash with waves of good feeling from you. Thanks honey

George is acting humble, he told me so.

George, oh my, I DO LOVE YOU

George, oh my, I DO LOVE YOU and I send you a most sweet tsunami of love dear. There are things which we cannot be told or learn before hand, when the moment comes, we just are in that moment.

No words would be propoer to try to make you understand how much I love you dear, and how much you mean to me. ... love when you get carried away dear.

I hope we all grow into it in some divine melody of love.

Yes, we already are, at least many of us.

A most tender hug dear !

STOP! STOP the stage I want to do something

I won't even take time to straighten my old coat of faded colors;
I want to enjoy the tender hug promised me by my precious BERIT!!!\\

You can't imagine what happened to my heart when the tsunami engulfed me!
Of course it took my breath away, but who needs to be breathing at a time like that?

My first impulse was to figure out how to stop the darn shaking.
Then I discover that it was the way "fun" happen when you get really old so I just let it happen.

The divine melody of love got so darn loud it scarred me so all I can say is;

Honey, the world is populated with beautiful being like you but to most you remain invisible.

Not to me! I love you

George still shaking a bit

Every human interaction is a

Every human interaction is a call for love... No exceptions.

Most people doubt their own goodness. They need to be endlessly reassured.

The ones who seem indifferent or not needing recognition and love are the ones who need it the most.

"When I reject your offer of love, don't believe me. It's just that i have been hurt too many times in the past, and I am afraid. Please, don't give up on me."

Rejecting love is an emotional myth we hold to

Sweet Writer you are being loved as you read this.
You can't stop it from happening and you can't resist it.
It happens but it is true we can train ourselves to pretend it didn't happen.
That's like pretending you can't smell the flowers.
My wonderful father in law was, in fact, not able to smell certain things.
He was also color blind. BUT Boy, could he love!
That seems to be the ANSWER to all things that seem to hurt.

George rubbing his elbow

Overwhelmingly beautiful !!

Overwhelmingly beautiful !!

All Heavenangels and all of God's Creation are a most wonderful field of flowers. How I love flowers !! Indeed a whole field of daisies or sunflowers just takes my breath away.

The attention is on every other heart. When someone 3,000 miles away from you in physical terms needs a simple blessing from you, then a simple thought from you of your sending love, and your heart-mailed love will be received. This is a given. Every ray of love you send is received. Send plenty.

Amazing this Love Letter, such a blessing !!!

Much love

Darn! Lost my breath again

Dear Berit you have a way of taking my breath away.
Your words are spiced with God's breath,
Your thoughts bump us just enough to make us wake up to who we are.
Berit, you're something else, you are.

George breathing heavy again

1 Heavenletter Haiku for

1 Heavenletter Haiku for you

Hello Friends,

God said send plenty
Everyone can use some love
Send your heart-mailed love

Love, Light and Aloha!

Send your heart-mailed love


You keep the divine postman very busy with your beautiful love.

George overwhelmed

The Essence of the Essence,

The Essence of the Essence, sooooooooo beautiful dearest Karen.

Thanks !!!