Under the Umbrella of Strength

God said:

Will you accept that you are a strong human being, and one who thrives? After all, your heart and your life support a whole universe. And you support Me. This is all reciprocal.

I like your support, and it is excellent for you to rally around Truth. It is excellent for you to be on the side of strength. For you to exist at all, of course, means you are strong. Look at all the atoms that you are made of. Besides, if I made you, and I did, all of My strength is also within you. You are strong. I had a picture of you, and I made it come true. I think you had better have a new picture of yourself.

Perhaps you have long held the idea that you are not strong or strong enough. Somehow, misguidedly, you have held onto the idea that you perhaps are weak, or that perhaps you are riffraff. None of these pictures is true. It is amazing that you could possibly think that way, and yet I have noticed that My children have accepted an often-held belief in their own fallibility. Somewhere some of My children, and perhaps you, got the idea that you stand at the end of a long line, perhaps even forgotten. Perhaps you think of yourself as one not chosen, never chosen, not worth choosing.

You perhaps have considered yourself lame when your legs are strong and can outrun any of the snags that come along in life. You can outrun fear. Fear is the essence of all snags. Fear and unbelief. This is more than doubt I speak of. You can put aside doubt. You must put aside doubt. Pick up all your doubt right now, and remove it from your mind. If you can't remove it, then disregard it. Stick doubt at the end of the line. Let doubt be a stranger.

It would be great if you would believe in yourself as I believe in you. Until then, however, believe in Me. Believe in My Presence. Believe in My assistance. Believe Me when I believe in you. Of course, My support of you goes far beyond belief. I know what I know. I do not have to believe in anything, for I know. I know. I know everything. And I hold you in good stead.

Of you, I am sure. I set a value on you long ago, and I stand firm. Now I ask you to set a value on yourself. Rate yourself high. Take My word for it. You are a valuable asset on Earth. Do not wait for the world to assure you of this. I have assured you. Assure yourself now.

What other assurance do you need? Well, only your own. You need to reassure yourself. You have to, absolutely have to, go under the umbrella of strength. You have to believe in the triumph of hearts. You have to believe in the triumph of your own heart.

Your heart is not a straggler, and you are not a weak link. You are a strong unbreakable infinite link. You are a solid supporter of the Universe. You are a brace to the world. You strengthen it. This is a natural responsibility. When you were born, you were born to it.

You are on Earth for more than to survive, even for more than to thrive. You are on Earth to make the Earth/Heaven connection strong. You are here to heighten the strength and direction of the world. You are here to bolster the world. You are not here to be dependent upon it, but to lead it. The world is dependent upon you. A leader leads. He does not believe in hogwash. He believes in himself. And even when he seems unable to believe in himself, he can see the need for strength, and he supplies it.

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Stength is withing reach

This darling writer talks about the umbrella of strength. Then she tells us to believe in it along with some other things that will help us be strong.

How on earth does a mother watch 3 kids, a pot boiling, a dryer turning, all the while there's a bed to be made and a house to be tidied up learn to believe? The same way I did. Get to be 84. That helps.

Of course you can follow Gloria's sweet words of instruction to really believe what you don't believe but be honest in the process. How?
Read each Heaven Letter with a prayerful spirit and let the One who created all that IS begin to instruct you in HIS ways. How? Surrender. How? Get quiet, look at a candle and simply say: "God is love, God is love, HIS LOVE encompasses all that I am becoming in HIM. "Sounds religious!" You shout. It is religious if you memorize things with your brain instead of grow them with you heart. You will gradually learn to understand that you are a spiritual being in a FLESH body with ideas of its own.

Don't fight it, or play with it, just live in you body as God's precious envelop of love that He sent you to earth in, to live for a little while. It's fun.

George trying to act like he understands

Dear George, only thank you.

Dear George, only thank you. I hope I will able to surrender.
My heart is not like yours but I arrive, I arrive.

Dearest Pitta

Surrender seems voluntary but it isn't. You just can't help it when you see HIS face. You only feel that your heart is different from mine. that's cause you are a lot younger. Keep reading Gloria's stuff and Puff the magic dragon will drag you to your very own sweet reality. Gloria will show you how.

George pretending to puff

Oh George, is my birthday

Oh George, is my birthday and what a wonderful gift you have done to me!
You cleared my mind about my surrender: of course isn't mine!
(I'm not so young, I'm 50! But really I'm 30! )
Dearest George, your words are the sweetest I ear today: Thank you!

Gloria, can you help me?

Dear Gloria,
it seems to me a sort of
the puff of the magic dragon, but whatever it seems, you
can realy
show me how drag me in my own sweet reality?
It was be fantastic! Would you help me?

O-Oh, what a wonderful world, what wonderful frineds!
(and what
terrible English! Voilà, I explaine me like I can!)

Love, blessing to all

Yes, what wonderful great

Yes, what wonderful great souls on this forum, beloved Patrizia. And you are one of them.
Your heart comes through very well in English.

George, can you answer Patrizia's beautiful question?

That's my question too!

Gloria is Puff the Magic Dragon in drag

Sweet One (Gloria) we are all in amazement at the many beautiful souls that come to drink with us at this form well of life.

Gloria you'd like me to give answers to darling Patrizia about surrender. Here goes; You rub the little lamp and out jumps the genie and he says: "Your wish is my command." All we have to know is the location of the lamp and know what it looks like so we can rub it.

A great Psalmist once wrote: "Your Word is a LAMP unto me feet, and a Light to my Path." What he didn't tell us is that the LAMP is inside us all the time. It's kind of a LIVING word that the Master said would be like: "A well of water springing up within you." The answer to every question is in us, in our brain (the processor) and in our hearts (the transmitter) and sends the energy modules down to our transmission that puts the power to our wheels or feet or hands of our inner being.

This is not something we can learn, or earn, it's already been paid for by the LOVE that smothers us.
Here's our darling Patrizia's question: HOW do you surrender to LOVE?

Sweetheart, Honey, Darling or precious person, you can't learn to surrender. It's like asking how you surrender to a kiss, or a hug or to the tug of a good book you happen to be reading or to the sounds being made by a tiny baby just awakening from sleep. Surrender is what you do when you get HOME in your own body and know that it is just a container of who you really are.

When you get home to the place you know your body is sort of pretending you look around for HELP. You even yell: "HELP" and hope someone will hear and come running. Only a real MOTHER can hear her baby's cry for LOVE. Only a Mother can give the kind of love her child needs.

The answer comes all wrapped up in a package that looks, for all the world, just like you. You are the apple of HIS eye and have to find out how that feels when time are tough, or as it was in my case holding my darling wife of 64 years as she slipped from my arms into HIS. Was it hard?

There's no such thing as "hard" in the real world of OZ. Just stay on the yellow road. Just read each Heaven Letter twice and listen to what Jochen or Berit, or Gloria or Admin, or even George has to say.

Darn, you discover you do have a heart, or a mind that works on the mystery even when you sleep.
I have the habit of lighting a candle every morning during my quiet meditation. I think of nothing other than my coffee's getting cool but for the most part I stay quiet and just wait with an empty head for the ONE with the full head to tell me about life. Once or twice a day I go to my organ and make love to myself or Him who loves me with the sound of music.

I find surrender is sort of kissing God, only to find out that it's God kissing my broken heart or dreams of growing old with my lover. It turns out that I just grew old. Am I happy? You can tell from the words that pour through my twisted old fingers that my heart is not just happy, it's full of light, love and memories of forever.

Patrizia your question haunts me with the hidden words already on their way to Him who is the answer. The answer you crave is already coming to you. It's wrapped in our love.

George gets started and can't stop

3 Heavenletter Haikus for

3 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said take My Word
You exist because of Me
I made you come true

God said believe Me
You are an infinite link
Of the Universe

God said I stand firm
And I hold you in good stead
Of you I Am sure

Love, Light and Aloha!

Deep, deep, deep

That's what you are sweetheart, very deep

George swimmiing in amazement