Paradise Is Not Hidden

God said:

Beloveds, why are you surprised when wonderful things happen? Are you perhaps conditioned to expect the negative and to be dazzled by the good, which, after all, is only being returned to you? Surprise has the connotation of delightful, so be delighted when all the love in the universe that is already yours appears before you. There is blessing in knowing what belongs to you. All good belongs to you. My blessings belong to you. It is not owed you. It has already been given.

Be astonished when your dreams do not come true! Take blessing and less than blessing both in your stride. In reality, it does not make much difference which walks beside you at a particular moment on your gambol through life.

Be happy more often. Perhaps all the time. You can do it. Nice easy ambling happiness. It does not have to be galloping happiness. Just a little awareness of the gentle happiness that is yours always. Your being is happiness, beloveds, and that inner being is what you are becoming more aware of. It never leaves your side. It is always there like a beautiful gurgling brook that runs underground. Happiness, like everything else, lies within you.

Outside events and the love they generate toward you from others are lovely. Yet they are only signals of the happiness that is already yours. They stir what is already in your heart. They are nice, but not necessary to your well-being. Your giving of happiness is, but that is another story.

As your heart continues to grow and glow, what others say and do does not quite bring you the happiness it once did. That doesn't mean your happiness is less. It means your happiness is more! The disparity is less! When a room is lit, the light of one more candle is not so discernible. You are lit, and your light is eternal.

What you are gaining is equanimity. Your exhilaration is quieter. You have exhilaration on exhilaration, like white on white, the pattern not so easily noticed yet there just the same. You are coming to the end of contrast.

Joy is here for you in everyday life. Perhaps you have been waiting for one day. The one day is here right now, beloveds. True, life is also extant in another day, but this is today. Eat the cake that is before you. Tomorrow there will be another cake set before you.

There is a huge vista out there. There is a greater one within. Even if you are confined to bed in a room with a tiny window, there is a horizon within you to discover and revel in. You are complete. Nothing can be added to you. Only revealed. And you are the one who reveals yourself to yourself. You are the one who lifts the veil, that wispy veil that intruded between you and your full sense of well-being. Push the curtain aside, and here I am right inside you.

If I am everywhere, and I am, then I must also be within you. Look for Me. Look to see Me. You will see Me through My own eyes. And so I see Myself through you.

All that is left for you to do is to see. Seeing also means remembering. Remembering and seeing are the same. There is nothing unknown to you. Despite what you think, nothing is hidden from you. Paradise is not hidden. You only have to look. Here, I gaze at it with you right now.

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