The Golden Ladder of Truth

God said:

Have the faith in Me that I deserve. If you cannot have faith in Me for your sake, then have faith in Me for My sake. Fulfill My faith in you. I reach My hand out to you, and I ask you to put your hand in Mine. You say that you don't see My hand; you say you don't know where it is; and all the while, My hand reaches for yours. And all the while you grope.

My children, there is no other hand.

It is true there are angel souls on Earth, and they will give you a hand up, and so you have ladders on Earth. But that is the trial offer, the one that is sent to you in the mail. It is a small percent of the Total Offer. Send for more. Send in your order for the Golden Ladder of Truth that awaits you.

There is no price assigned to it. The price is to ask. That is all. The price is to reach out and up. The price is to return the stamped self-addressed order card. The price is to place your order.

I have told you before that you do not ask for enough. I do not mean number of requests. You have plenty of those, but they miss the point. I mean the one request, the one you dillydally about, the one request that your awareness be utterly joined with Mine. That is all that is lacking. Your awareness. Surely Mine is not.

We are already joined. What a difference when your awareness of Our Unity joins with My Awareness. How far we travel when you realize Our Oneness. That is Self-Realization. If all is Oneness, then there is One Self for you to realize.

You have searched for your identity in small places. Now look for your Universal Identity. Look for your place in the stars. Enough looking at your feet. Look to where the Light comes from. Oh, My beloved's, how I yearn for you to see Me.

To see Me, see with your heart. Your heart has eyes that see. Consider your heart a sense far greater than the others you count on. Use the one sense that resides in your heart, or you have no sense at all. The physical senses are feelers that touch your environment and bring it to your heart. The five senses are a prelude to your heart. Their information goes to your heart, and it is adjucated there in the bank of your heart. The adjucation of your heart is not judgment but rather a filter that separates the dross from the gold.

Deep within its beat, your heart has made an oath to look for Me and to find Me. I am Truth. Obey the oath your heart made long ago.

Your heart of hearts knows that it never lost Me. It knows I reign. It knows that you make My heart complete. It knows that We feel a mutual yearning. It is the same yearning, yours for Me, Mine for you. The only difference is that I know you will answer, but you do not have the faith that I will.

It is a simple thing to answer My call for you. It is I Who has a calling. You have an answering. All you can do is join in on My calling. I call you. Answer Me.

You wait for an answer from Me. Hear My call to you. I await your answer. Choose to recognize Our connection. Choose to know it. Choose to bare your heart to it. I enter through your heart, and I stay there. Put your awareness on Our Union in your heart. Open Our connection to the universe. Reveal Me to yourself.

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Beautiful Message

This is a beautiful message that beautifully describes how we are longing for God and he for us! This is something that I feel most of the time.. It is like a child longing for it's mother which nobody can replace (when she is absent..)