The Tide of God

God said:

Today you are God's pure spirit, unladen of the past. You wake unsullied. You wake up to Me.

It is I Who wakes you. The tide of God wakes you just like the Moon pulls the seas. I pull you to Me. "Awake, awake!" I say. And you push off the covers of the past, and you know that you awaken to Me and not to thoughts of the past.

For one moment you awake to the sense of Oneness with Me rather than with aches of regret of what is done or undone or despair for what is yet to be done or occur.

Regret and despair are of the same. Regret looks back, and despair looks ahead. Our sense of Oneness is not a hold-over nor a lingerer, though you can enjoy this awareness forever.

Remember, awareness is not a thought.

You have a nose, but you are not always thinking, "I have a nose."

You have a God, ever present, all-seeing, all-Being. You always have Me. Your awareness of Me is like lowering your weary body into a tub of warm water. It is like getting out of the bath to a large warmed towel. It is like the pouring of scented oils on your skin. It is like getting dressed in silk. It is like going into the fresh air and breathing it. It is like a breeze so fair passing your cheek that you are left in wonder. It is like your eyes sighting the ribbons of dawn. It is like an Ah of a song beginning that arises from your willing throat and encompasses the whole of the universe like the Sun itself.

One note of Oneness issues forth from your throat as though you are a bird of God that has nothing to do but sing His Greatness. And this bird of God sings God's song to himself and to all who can hear.

Awareness of Me is an understanding. It is a basis. It is an acceptance of the God content of your life. It is an acceptance of your own aura, for it is My light that shines in and around you. Let your aura be greater. Accept the light I give you. It is 360-degree light. It lights beneath, beside, and above. It merges with the Light above, and so My light and your own light shine on you. You bask in the Light of God. You are never without it. You carry your own Sun within you. You are a satellite to the Sun. You are a sun who shines to the Sun.

He Who gave you breath takes your breath away in the exquisiteness of your awareness of Him and His creation. You breathe deep of the breathlessness of your awe. Your cozy awe is a continuation of the Ah your singing throat sang out at the dawning of your awareness.

And I sing My song to you. I never stopped. You pick up My one note, and it issues forth from your throat. You sing My song that you hear. Never let Me out of your hearing. Don't let Me out of your sight. Touch My heart. Taste My love. Breathe the scent of Me and stop wondering where it comes from. It is enough to know that All Beauty comes from Me.

Your earthly senses are like five streams that meet in an ocean. The five streams stream from God and stream back to Him. It is a loop, this God almost-experience.

You cannot experience God as you experience a baseball game. You cannot experience Me as you do a feast at the table. But you can experience Me as the glow in your eyes that watch the game and devour the feast. I see into your eyes, and I see from them.

We are the loop of love that winds infinitely and finds itself.