God's Desire

God said:

It is as if I made you with a wand of My love. I spread you across the firmament like a ribbon of stars. I left you there, and kept you with Me.

Your existence did not begin with your Human body. It began with Me. You began with Me, and We are together still. OURS is a marriage, only there is no "til death us do part." There is no death, and there is no parting. We can even say there is no birth because you were present the moment My thoughts burst through. Actually, you were there before that.

You came along with Me from the beginning, and you are ageless. A centimeter of you remembers Our beginning. But that centimeter is enough. You hear My heart's echo, and you long for the wondrousness it sounds. You long for that which is ever yours and never apart from you.

You are already merged with Me.

It is this moment right now in which you will stop thinking that your body needs to die in order for you to reacquaint yourself with Me. That is a myth, and not a very good one. Surely you already know that your body is the least of you. It is not even you at all.

But if the body is the least of you, there must be a most, and that most within you is what hears Me now. That innermost part of you beats in My heart now. It takes its cues from Me, and it warms My heart.

How can the pristine heart of God be warmed? The same as yours. You know the feeling. It is My love for you that warms My heart. Without love, My friends, We are not. I am talking about Our love which has been disseminated across the Earth and which you are to multiply.

Every bit you give multiplies itself. You don't have to multiply it. A drop of it falls from your heart, and it multiplies itself. It grows like a beanstalk to Heaven and then is gently returned to Earth. There is no ugly giant at the top of the beanstalk I speak of.

In fact, the beanstalk never ends so there is no top. The stalk growing towards Heaven is a symbol of your heart's entry into the universe of Heaven.

I blinked My eyes, and you were there.

You blinked your eyes, and you forgot Me.

But now your eyes open, and you remember where you are, deep in the heart of Me.

The universe is My Heart, and I am the Heart of it, and you are My universal child. And you are coming closer to My Heart. Of course, you cannot come closer, but you become more aware, and that is closer.

What this means is that the more you feel My love, the more you become it. You already are it, but now you become it more in your awareness, so you are more.

Love is not a conscious thing, but you do become more aware of more love when you know that you are a ladle of My love. When you know you are a ladle, you know what a ladle does, and so you repeat the ladling of My love.

That is a true soup kitchen that ladles My love. Food is meager next to My love. Food without My love is meager indeed. And yet My love is there in every bite you chew.

Now that you know you are a ladle of My love, you will give more of it. Silently you give. The quieter the emanation of My love, the greater it is. My great love is forthcoming from your heart. Let it be there, and let it issue from there, and My love will be greatly known on Earth, and you will have responded to My Heart's desire.