Peace Is Something You Give

God said:

Peace is not something you plead for. Peace is something you give. It is that simple. You give peace. You send peace. You beget peace.

Peace is not a decision. It is an awareness on which a decision can be based, a decision to go by your essential nature.

You do not always feel love, yet you are love.

You do not always feel at peace, yet your nature is peace.

Those who strive for strife have been misled as to what feels good. Strife may take the Human mind off its painful thought for a while, so, in that sense, agitation is like a palliative. But it becomes addictive, and the mind craves more agitation to get its attention off its self-inflicted pain.

Those who have sought the stimulation and the righteous indignation of war have found it. Those who have sought the evenness of peace have allowed it.

Does not everyone know what My desire is? And My desire is not for Me but for you, and therefore it is for Me too. I Who am at peace desire you to have the Oneness of peace which is the Reality of Us.

You have imagined and become fraught at the thought that there is someone else out in the world who is not you and therefore is, at best, not interested in you, and, at worst, out to get you. But there is no one out there at all. There is only you and I. And so those who make war make it with themselves and feel noble.

There is the old expression that says you are your own worst enemy. I take that further. You are the only enemy. What your thoughts are, you will reflect. And what you reflect is multiplied in the mirror of life.

I did not set you down on a battlefield. You named it that. I set you down in a heavenly valley which you mistook.

You have seen ignorance, and you called it an affront. You took the ignorance for insult which shows your ignorance.

If you have seen enemy, now see something else instead.

All those who make war are like Chicken Little who thought the sky was falling. She made an error in judgment. She saw something and thought it was something else.

There is a mirror out there, and it shows your face to you.

I conceived you well. You have misconceived yourself.

Give a little, and no one can take away from you. Hold on, and you are vulnerable.

It is easy to say the word "peace". It is just as easy to give it. Get out of the midst of turmoil. It is not worthy of My child.

"Love your neighbor as yourself." That would work except that you do not love yourself, so you do not love your neighbor. You do love your neighbor as yourself, and that is a pitiful story of Human life which was given to be on a grander scale than that.

War is a culmination of poor vision, poor insight. Take the arrow out of your heart. You put it there. You thought it came from east or west or from over a hill, but it came from your own hand, and it is your own hand that has kept it there.

The moment the world wants peace, it will have it.

The world gets what it wants.

Peace can occur in an instant. But you do not believe that.

But belief has nothing to do with it. Beliefs are old, and you keep them around, and you begin to think that your beliefs are the only ones. Beliefs are nothing but old thoughts.

Get some new thoughts. Acquire new vision.

Give peace, or at least allow it.

You sense My eagerness for a world at peace. Do not feel that I turn away from you. I Who am the Originator of Peace cannot give you less than what I ask you to give.

Know My love for you, for it is deep. I have filled you with it. You are full of My love. And My love is ongoing. No matter what you say, no matter what you think, no matter what you think of Me, you have My love enduring. You are My heart. You are the reason for My Being. I am not here for nothing. I am here for you, My one child I created in My image.

What could My image be but of love and peace?

My image is not an image. It is truth. And the truth of Me is the truth of you.

Come to your rightful place next to Me. I have been saving it for you. Come right now with the gift of peace I give to you and you return to Me.

Look high. I am on high, and there is a place for you on high with Me. Forget petty squabbles. Remember Us.

I have great things for you to do. Drop your arms, and look into My eyes, for they are yours.

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