pure light

The Next Crescendo You Hear

God said:

When you are sleeping in bed at night, you are really awake. You are as awake as ever, for even when you are wide awake, there is a part of you that is still asleep. Part of you wants to keep sleeping and not wake up. You may desire the wakefulness of pure enlightenment, yet you continue to snooze a little longer, and then you get up and take care of what has to be taken care of, and yet you move as a sleepwalker. You go from one bedroom of sleep to another.

Holy Light

God said:

Honor Our connection. It is holy. What does holy mean? It means pure and unsullied. Nothing whatsoever can spoil Our connection. It is holy. Not even you can mar Our relationship. All you can do is be blind to it. You cannot affect it at all.

All your disenchantments and despairs and distrust, no matter how strong, no matter how directed at Me they may be, are nothing at all when it comes to Us. Nothing can pierce the light that is Ours. Disavow all you want, prove or disprove all you want, and still We are, pure in Our light, untrammeled by all your beliefs and protests.

The Fiction of Ideas

God said:

Let Me be a stronger force in your life.

Pay more attention to Me than you pay to the drifts of snow. Than you pay to the winds of change. Than you pay to looks you get from others. Than you pay to the words of others. Than you pay to yourself.

Paying attention to Me is paying nothing. It is getting your mind off details of human life and putting it on an eternity of vastness.

Paying attention to Me is lifting yourself to where you long to be.

Paying attention to Me is seeing where you, in truth, are.

Paying attention to Me is filling yourself up.

Open Up the Heavens

God said:

The world is not dark.

The world is light.

When you experience darkness, look higher.

You are not looking for a remedy. You are looking for Me.

Enlist My aid.

Ask Me to help you see the Light far above the world's light that seems to dim. It has not in truth dimmed. It has been eclipsed. And you have believed in an eclipse as truth, when it is only a temporary cover-up.

Wanting a North Star

God said:

Do you think I flatter you when I exclaim that you are My marvelous light? Do you think there is something I am looking to gain from you for Myself? Do you think I am looking for fans so that I may be fanned by large numbers? Do you think I ooh and ah over the numbers, as if you were the till at the end of the business day? Do you think I am looking for you to be an admirer, a devotee perhaps, or a toady? Do you think I need strokes from you, or some kind of daily pittance to appease Me? Do you think I want you to throw Me a few bones to escape My wrath?

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