Wanting a North Star

God said:

Do you think I flatter you when I exclaim that you are My marvelous light? Do you think there is something I am looking to gain from you for Myself? Do you think I am looking for fans so that I may be fanned by large numbers? Do you think I ooh and ah over the numbers, as if you were the till at the end of the business day? Do you think I am looking for you to be an admirer, a devotee perhaps, or a toady? Do you think I need strokes from you, or some kind of daily pittance to appease Me? Do you think I want you to throw Me a few bones to escape My wrath? Do you think I am some kind of guard dog you feed to keep quiet?

Beloveds, from what do you think I need to be appeased? Do you believe those stories that I judge you, pick you apart, find you wanting? Beloveds, I do not have wrath to give. How can I have wrath when I have understanding? My understanding is great, and We have great intimacy. We have Oneness. Conjoined as We are, I love you as Myself. I cannot do less.

This doesn't mean that I don’t find you wanting. I do find you wanting. I find you wanting a North Star, seeking for it everywhere, seeking it in the minutiae of relative life. I find you seeking, seeking, seeking pleasure, seeking hope, seeking understanding, seeking some solution to the mystery, a mystery you cannot find the words for. You seek an answer to a question that you do not know how to phrase. The question is so enormous for you, you can’t quite grasp what the question is.

Find the question, beloveds, and the answer will galumph to you like wild horses. You will be run over with the answer. It will knock you over. You will be flattened. And then you will reawaken to life as it is without mystery. You will have no question. There will be no question to ask. Question will not exist. Once you know the punch line, you won’t remember what led to it.

Beloveds, beloveds, is love such a secret? It is such sweetness. The sweetest candy you have ever sucked on doesn’t touch the hem of the sweetness of love. Only love touches the hem of love.

And you are a tailor of love. You know how to fit it. You take wide measurements. You fling the measuring tape, and it goes up and down mountain and vale. You do not need accurate measurements. You fling love like the measuring tape, like cards, like a million stars, like a hundred million billion trillion hearts all wrapped in One. And that is only a tiny taste of love. That amounts to only one tiny Hershey kiss.

You cannot spend love fast enough. Coins jiggle in your pocket. Love itches in your heart. It is phenomenal, this love in your heart. It aches to come out. It hears the tapping of feet and wants to dance. The music is piped into your heart, and your heart leaps up and finds itself dancing across the universe, dancing because there is nothing else to do but dance this dance. Your heart is meant to love for all it is worth, and love, the love in your heart, this shared all-encompassing love of Ours, this lighted love of Ours is worth the entire Kingdom of God. Your heart dances the dance of love in a ballroom called Earth. Come, dance with Me.