relationship with God

Holy Light

God said:

Honor Our connection. It is holy. What does holy mean? It means pure and unsullied. Nothing whatsoever can spoil Our connection. It is holy. Not even you can mar Our relationship. All you can do is be blind to it. You cannot affect it at all.

All your disenchantments and despairs and distrust, no matter how strong, no matter how directed at Me they may be, are nothing at all when it comes to Us. Nothing can pierce the light that is Ours. Disavow all you want, prove or disprove all you want, and still We are, pure in Our light, untrammeled by all your beliefs and protests.

When God Is at Your Side

God said:

I say, "I AM." I say, "I am right here." I say, "I am always right here." I say, "You have Me always, beloveds."

Beloveds, you live in many worlds. It doesn't matter where your body is, and it doesn't matter where your mind is. I am totally absolutely right here with you. I am as near to you as your breath. We are so vital and vibrant to each other. We are the same breath. Who breathes your lungs in and out, you or I? Who can separate Us? Neither you nor I.

Naked Truth

God said:

When you talk to Me, really talk to Me, your ego walks away. That is one of the beauties of talking to Me. You are not able to load yourself up with pretense when you appear before Me.

Your subterfuges leave, and there is you, and there is I, and We restate your life. We restate your take on life.

Naked were you born, and naked will you leave. Naked here does not mean unclothed. It means true, honest, real, unpretentious. You, without all the ruffles you have put around yourself, you, in your being.

What Is God to You?

God said:

Be not attached even to My words. It is not My words that you have to know or recite. It is the love and opportunity they give you that are to be known.

My words are like an embrace of love, My arms clasping you to My breast. It is not the clasp you have to know. It is not the embrace you have to know. It is the Oneness of Our love which encompasses beyond My embrace.

A father supports his children, but the father is much more than a provider. What is beyond his working to support his family?

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