One Thread at a Time

God said:

Instead of thinking that life is complicated, think of it as simple. How you think, you will have. Perhaps you want life to be complicated. In that case, continue to think that it is.

If you prefer instead that life be simple, then consider it so.

Simple has to do with one. Days unfold one at a time. Moments unfold one at a time. There is only one thing you can do at a time. There is only one thought you can have at a time.

When you assail yourself with many thoughts and do not pick one, then your life appears complicated.

"Too much to do!" is your Human cry. "Too much undone!"

You are a weaver of your life. You can only take one thread at a time. And then you do the next. A weaver may picture the whole cloth he is weaving. He has the completion in sight, but his hands weave one thread at a time.

Your feet move one after the other. You cannot take two steps at once.

Yet the thought of sequence is a thought relegated to time and space which are only semblances of truth but not truth. Time and space are thoughts contrary to infinity, although such thoughts do lead you to infinity. You are led to thoughts of boundless infinity, and yet you try to plan for the future, and you think ahead the same way you think back. Yet where are future and past located but in your thought?

Who led a simpler life than Christ?

He did not have a three-year plan. He followed My Will as it appeared to him. His one decision was to follow My Will. Then the rest was easy. All he had to do was follow. He did not keep having to look around each corner to see what lay ahead. He knew he would get there.

He knew My constancy, and he knew My Oneness. He rested his head on My shoulder and so heard My heartbeat. No one was more immediate than My son Christ. And that was how his life was simple.

Even when you are dusting one table, your thoughts are on the next table — as if you would forget, as if you must have your mind like a finger on a page of a book lest you forget where you are.

It is not that your life is to be staccato. It is that your life is to flow.

Do not think ahead so much to what you have to do in the future. That way you will not forget and you will not have to remember.

Be like the weaver. He does not count how many stitches he has yet left to do. His fingers are on the threads in his hand right now as he weaves them.

Do you follow thought, or does thought follow you?

You do not have a contest with Me. Whose Will is Mine if not yours? I will happiness for you the same as you do for yourself, only I have accepted happiness for you and you may not have quite accepted it yet.

I do not pull you anywhere but to where your heart wants to go. I merely help you to your next step. Do you see how Our Wills are interchangeable? It's just that sometimes you have forgotten your will and accepted whim and obligation before it.

I do not obligate you. I show you to your rightful place. Consider Me an usher who shows you to your seat. You do not need to look around and think about it. I will take you directly there, and you will have a good seat where all is in view. What could I do but show you Heaven? Where could I take you but where I am? And where else do you want to be but at the summit with Me?