What God Weaves

God said:

I am the real Weaver, and I weave hearts. I entwine yours with Mine. That is inevitable because I join that which can never be otherwise except in your thought. So I do not really weave. I point out to you the existent weaving, and finally, you notice.

I am your Lover Who pursues you, and you leap away. You do not yet know Who I am. You think perhaps I am a stranger up to no good, when good is all I am, and all you also are. We can't be anything else.

Your fear masks your goodness, and it masks Me from your view.

If you had kept your knowledge of Me, you would not know fear. But you have looked away, and fear approached, seeming to take My place. But nothing takes My place. I am implacable and irreplaceable, and somewhere deep inside, you know that.

The truth is that you know Me like the back of your hand. Only you have not fully or consciously made the connection as yet. You may suspect that I am out there somewhere in the far beyond, but you dare not think that I am right here with you and within you. You like to think of Me more as a spectre than a Reality.

You fear that I am a fairy tale, but fairy tale is what you live in without Me. Fairy tales have fear in them all right. They have ogres. Ogres do not exist except as I am left out. Ogres are your fears given a form.

Everyone grasps the concept of Heaven. There is not one of you on earth who lacks understanding of what Heaven is. It is clearly understood, and you have had glimpses of it. You have had more than glimpses. You have experienced it. You have been there. It is where I am. And it is also where you are.

You haven't looked. You haven't looked for yourself. You have looked away. You have looked elsewhere. Because you focus in another direction does not mean that what you are not looking at isn't there. Object permanence exists.

You need wider vision. You need to look.

Be a detective today who looks for signs of God and Heaven. Be on the lookout.

I am looking out for you. And when you look, Our eyes will meet, and there will be instant recognition.

And when you look to feel My hand on your shoulder, you will feel it.

And when you look into My eyes, all the past will melt away, and you will be the phoenix that rises from the ashes. Only there are no ashes. Our love that burns does not burn itself away and leave ashes. Our love ever flames with no residue. Our love burns brighter and brighter until you see that there is nothing but Our love anywhere in the universe.

The flame of Our love is the light of the world. Figuratively and literally. There would be no Sun without love. There would be no world without love. If there were not love, you would not have manifested. There is naught but love, Mine and yours, so blended that there is only Mine everywhere, only you have been blinded.

There is love in your eyes that see. Let the lovelight shine there. Look with love upon love. Look for clues of Heaven today. The clues are everywhere. In plain sight if you will but look.

And I think you will look. And what you look for, you will notice, and so you will think you found it, but you only noticed, of all things, My love in all places.