Here, There, and Everywhere

God said:

Consider your heart like a fish with gills that swims. How smoothly the fish goes through the water! It is as light as a bird in the water. Nothing blocks the fish. He just keeps swimming and swimming and goes where he wills. The fish loves swimming, and the fish flaps its wings, as it were, and takes flight in the water. The fish soars.

The Field of Beingness

God said:

Do you begin to see how being is giving?

When you just are, you can only give.

When you are thinking or owning or in fear, you can only withhold.

When you think about giving or not giving, there has been a stop in your giving, or a pause in it.

Yet what you feel, you give. If you are in fear at a given moment, you give fear.

When you are at peace, you give peace.

Use Your Heart

God said:

The wheel of life spins, and every once in a while, it gets a spurt, or, rather, you see it starting its revolution. You feel an upsurge. You feel there is a new momentum and you are impelled along.

So goes your growth faster. It is true you are speeded up. What is a higher vibration? It is a faster speed but so fast it is timeless.

You have had a jump-start. You are already started, and now you are on your way. The force of My love has impelled you.

Flow God's Love

God said:

When you are pleased with what life offers you, remember that I am the Source of it and that it is given to Me. I give to Myself generously through you. You are the accepter, but I am the Receiver. I am the Giver as well. All is given to Me. All is from Me and to Me.

What about pain, you ask?

One Thread at a Time

God said:

Instead of thinking that life is complicated, think of it as simple. How you think, you will have. Perhaps you want life to be complicated. In that case, continue to think that it is.

If you prefer instead that life be simple, then consider it so.

Simple has to do with one. Days unfold one at a time. Moments unfold one at a time. There is only one thing you can do at a time. There is only one thought you can have at a time.

When you assail yourself with many thoughts and do not pick one, then your life appears complicated.

Even with Your Eyes Closed

God said:

This is how you lose yourself in order to find yourself. In your simple service to Me, you blossom. You are not thinking about finding yourself. You aren’t thinking about blossoming. You are not even thinking of service as a means to come closer to Me. Your thought and service become one. It is not even that you think of what you can do to serve Me. It’s more like there is a step right before you, and you take it. All this is without questioning or researching or analyzing.

Glorious Are the Wonders

God said:

Change is the name of the game, beloveds. Be ready to change directions at a moment’s notice. More than flexibility is required. You will have to become free-flowing water and be affable whatever direction you go in. In Truth, you are an all-directioned Being.

Did you know in advance where you would happen to be right now? Did you know that you would be sitting in this chair in this location facing south or east or north or west?

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