The Myth of Time and Space

God said:

Difficulties seem to all come from the outside. Your pen doesn't work. The computer isn't behaving. Customer service puts you on hold and you wait and wait. The weather does not always cooperate and so on.

These interruptions to your peace of mind are called problems or frustration or trouble. They are really nothing more than inconveniences, My beloveds. That's all. In certain situations, inconveniences may seem dire and urgent, but an inconvenience is an inconvenience. Urgency and direness exist in your mind. You rate inconveniences as dire and urgent because you think time is important and that their limits have to be upheld. Sometimes an inconvenience goes away by itself. Sometimes, no matter what you do, it won't go away. And so you have "good" days and "bad" days.

Who is it who has two different kinds of days? Who is it who is aggravated? Do you not have some say in the kind of day you have?

What if nothing has to be a certain way? What if everything, as is, is all right? What if you think of delay as okay? What if you think of having to wait as a chance to rest? What if waiting is a blessing? Will you admit that it could be?

What if you decide that whatever befalls, there is a blessing contained within. It must be so.

You have made certain rules for life. You think they are laws. Make different laws for yourself and no longer be dismayed. The sky is not falling.

There is much talk of priorities. Perhaps you want to make lightheartedness instead of seriousness a priority. Wouldn't you like to make sense of humor a priority? Wouldn't you like to abolish aggravation from your repertoire? Aggravation is not what happens. Aggravation is your perspective. There is no law that says you must be aggravated or frustrated or annoyed or angry because of anything at all.

If everything is all right, what is there then to be aggravated about?

If a train is supposed to arrive at a certain time, and it doesn't, is that cause for tenseness? Who says it must be?

If you get lost on a highway, what makes it a problem really?

Much of your aggravation stems from matters of mythical time. You want to be on time. Time tells you to rush. It doesn't tell you to take your time. Time is not courteous at all. Yet it is you who makes life a mad dash. You seem to be in such a hurry to get somewhere. Time and space dominate. They have dominated your happiness.

You must think that time and space are yours. You think you own them, and that you are, at the same time!, liable to their supervision. They are a secret boss who governs your every move. You are very partial to time and space. You have made altars to them, perhaps hoping for special dispensation.

Go ahead and love imaginary blocks of time and blocks of space, but be not subservient to them. They are in plenty of supply. There is more than enough to go around. Even though they are illusions, there is no end to them. Because they are illusions, you cannot run out of them. You can re-imagine them any time you choose.

You can also politely tip your hat to imagined boundaries and say you have more important things to do than to keep bowing down to them. Time and space are boundaries, beloved, and you, who are unbounded, do not have to be bound to them. Release yourself now from their occupation of you and your preoccupation with them.