Where Time and Space End

God said:

When you feel the need to escape from your daily life, it is your attachments you try to escape from. Perhaps you are attached to problems. If they weigh heavily on you, you most certainly are attached to them. You don't know what you would do without them. You cannot even imagine your life without them, or the world without them. And all the while, it is your ideas and the conclusions you draw that weigh you down. You are sure problems exist more than I do.

Certainly, you draw boundaries around what you find difficult and call that clear thinking. If your thinking were really clear, your mind would dwell in a different field. It wouldn't run off with heavy weights tied to its ankles. Your mind wouldn't bog itself down in mired thinking. Your mind would break out and enter a vaster arena.

What are problems and obligations but ideas? What are rules but ideas, yours or someone else's? What are ideas but prolonged thoughts? You feel burdened because you have the idea you are burdened. How powerful are your ideas! Fortunately, you can change your ideas. You can grasp Truth instead.

Your ideas of space and time weigh you down. That must be so because time and space are no more than ideas you have fastened on to. And so you would wish to escape from the hold they have on you, even though it is you who holds on to them. You hold on to the idea that time and space exist and that you are hurtled into a vortex of time and space moving too fast, pulling you along faster than you can go, as if time and space are gods. In your terms, at most, they are mortal gods. At the least, they are mass imagination, fictive thoughts framed and put on display. The truth is that time and space are nonexistent, and yet you rely on them. You revolve your life on them.

Certainly, time and space are very real to you. You spin in them. You run to keep up with illusory time, and you settle deep into space to claim it as your own. Time you race, and space you stay still in and dig trenches to hole yourself in. You could somewhat reverse that, and stay still in time and race space.

When you no longer hold on to compartments of space, you would stand at the top of the world. You would own the Universe, so to speak, for in letting go of space you recognize that there is nothing to own but your own impenetrable Self. Surely you must know that you exist in greater dimensions than the walls you seemingly build around you. What do you think doors close behind them or windows open to?

You live in a houseless world. You are citizens far beyond the air and seas. There are heights and depths you have not plumbed. Without time and space, everything is endless. That is eternity. That is infinity. You live eternally in infinity.

In what container can love be put?

For the sake of convenience, We say love is contained in your heart. But the very point is that love cannot be contained. You know it cannot be boxed. And yet, you seem to think that you, who are Love Itself, can be contained. There are no perimeters to love. They are no perimeters to you. Neither the ocean nor the mountains nor the blue skies are greater than you. There is nothing that can confine you but your thoughts. Abandon old ones. Pick out greater new ones. Pick out ones more worthy of you. Limitless thought exists. Beyond thought exists. There is an end to imagined boundedness. The string of bounded thought runs out.

You are at the edge of an imagined cliff from which you can leap into a great horizon where time and space end, even though they never were in the first place.

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