Something Wonderful

God said:

You have often thought that confusion was a condition of life to strongly object to. But now you can let confusion take its course, and wring from it all it gives. Without confusion, how would you reach clear thinking?

Consider confusion like a pile of socks that you are to sort. Without a multitude of socks, how could you sort? And when you find you have an odd sock or two, you keep them for a while but you do not spend your life bemoaning that which you cannot find the mate to.

So, when you are embroiled in confusion, sort what you can and leave the rest alone. You do not need to understand all of life. Life does not depend upon your understanding of it. After a while, shrug your shoulders, and move on to another drawer.

Certainly, you can request life to uphold certain ideas of yours, but you know that you are not the boss of life. You may be the inducer, the greeter, the recipient, but you are not the chairman with a gavel to maintain order. Life has its own order, and often you contemplate the discrepancy between what you envision and what arrives and call it confusion. Every time you feel disappointed, you feel confused.

If you did not appoint events, you would not feel disappointed, and how confused can you be when you take life as it comes in the same way you take mail from the mailbox? So what if unannounced mail was put there?

There is no need for you to pre-empt life. There is need for you to accept life as it happens. No need to hold on to regrets. Find other fruit to pluck from the tree of life.

Life moves, and you are to move with it.

Confusion is one thing. Rebellion another. You do not throw all the socks away because some are mismatched.

Perhaps you wanted to find chocolate ice cream in your freezer, and you found vanilla instead. Would you toss out the vanilla simply because it wasn't the flavor you desired at the moment? Would finding only vanilla cause you confusion? What is to figure out? If you choose to eat ice cream right then, it will be vanilla. Or you can choose to wait or to go to the store or choose an apple instead. There are many choices, and they are all yours.

Many times you go to the freezer, and chocolate ice cream is there! You are not confused when you find exactly what you are looking for. Most likely, you are not bedazzled either. Perhaps when chocolate is there, you take finding it as a matter of course. Why then must the absence of chocolate be momentous?

Confusion, which can be your friend, often just means you are refusing to take a step.

You clear your life when you keep moving in it. Let go of the past, including your ideas and presentiments and all the varied attachments that keep nipping at your heels. Be done with the past, and life will be more smooth. It will be smoother because the past is no longer dangling like rattling tin cans tied to you. Of course, the past exists only in your mind, so all the past you keep is merely an idea anyway. Only an idea.

Ideas are a dime a dozen, so let go of yours. Sometimes you have to dig up the field and turn the ground over so that new seeds may grow. Why hang on to what has gone by when there is new awaiting you? Put away the past. You can do it.

Clear the way. Something wonderful is waiting for you in the wings.

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