The Holy Grail

God said:

You make promises all the time. You even make promises to yourself. A promise is a future contract. Promises are not much. They often are not even an intention. More like wishes.

A commitment, on the other hand, is a contract made now for future use. Better not to commit than to uncommit later, for you disappoint yourself. You are not happy when you disappoint.

Better to have more trust in yourself. A vow, a promise, a commitment imply that, unless you make it, you won't do it. So you mutter or write down, hoping that sighing or signing will make you firm in living up to what you are not sure about.

That is not quite living life, to plan it ahead of time and confirm it later.

Your commitment to Me is another thing. Commitment to Me is more of an observation. A magnet pulls you. You notice it. You like the sense of pull. You like to go to the magnet. You promise the magnet that you will always intend to go to it, but you are merely observing your intention that is. With or without your observation, you will go to the magnet. That is the same as saying you are committing to the stove getting hot when you turn it on. That is no commitment from you at all. It is acknowledgement. It is awareness.

You can say in truth, that when you turn to Me, I will be there. You can observe My commitment. My commitment to you is irrevocable. It is not commitment either. It is what is. You are in My awareness. My awareness is always with you.

We could call My love for you a law of love. If a law is a given, then My love committed to you is law. Certainly, it is the rule. It is certain. But I prefer to think of My love as freedom. I am totally free to love. Not this and that, not now and then, but to be love and to be love everywhere. My love encompasses all that there is, and that is freedom.

We can say that My love is given, and that's fine, but that implies a discretion. If love is given, then perhaps sometimes it is not. But My love is not a considered thing. There is no hesitation or decision with My love.

But that does not imply that My love is stagnant. It is a moving thing. But it is not really that My love moves either. It is more that My love is a universal ingredient. Of course, ingredient isn't quite right. True, My love is the content of life, but the word "ingredient" implies other ingredients, and My love is the sum total of all that there is. My love is in all the columns, and whichever way you add them, whichever way you hold the paper, it comes out My total love.

When you are in Heaven, it is not even that you drink My love. It is that you know you have already drunk it. You know that it fills you. You know you are nothing but that, My love. Such sweetness it is you drink when you drink My love and know that it is yours! That is the ambrosia of Heaven.

And that which you drank long ago, I offer to you now. I offer that you recognize the cup that is held to your lips, and Who offers it to you. It is the Holy Grail. I offer it to you, and you drink.

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You are not happy when you disappoint.

My love is in all the columns, and whichever way you add them, whichever way you hold the paper, it comes out My total love.

Thank you.