How to Make a Pie

God said:

Sometimes you think you have really achieved something when you contact Me, but you have done nothing. I contacted You. You picked up the phone. I was your allowance. You let Me in, which was no achievement on your part. It was no achievement at all. Letting Me in is nothing to be amazed at.

The wonder is that you don't let Me in more often, or all the time. You can be amazed at your restriction of your allowance of God. That is truly an accomplishment.

A blocker in football works hard blocking.

You have to work hard to block Me. But you have been doing that regularly. It is a force of habit with you.

You easily let anything and everything else come to your attention. How alert you are with the police or the IRS! They make you sit up and pay attention. How alert you are with your pocketbook! How alert you are with trouble! You really pick up your ears at the thought of trouble.

There is an expression "the wrath of God" and "fear of God", but those are false concepts. The true expression is the love of God, and it is love you fear to let in. What would you do with so much love? Where would you put it? What would it do to your shackles? What would you be with so much love? What would become of you?

Your fear of God is that you would disintegrate with My love. Certainly, your ego would disintegrate. If you were your ego, then you would indeed disintegrate. But you are not your ego. That is just the point.

My love would be the making of you. My love was the making of you.

Wrath and fear — what would they make? What do your wrath and fear make, My beloved children?

Now is time for you to unwrath your angers and unfear your dreads. They are of your making, not Mine. I say you, and that is you in general and you specific.

I gave you the ingredients to make a fine pie. If less than a fine pie is made, it is not from the ingredients. It is from the use of them. But there are always other pie-makers you can fault for the state of your pie. You can fault the pie-makers who came ahead of you and the pie-makers beside you. But I say to fault no one. I say to let fault go away along with wrath and fear.

Don't waste your time bemoaning the undone or over-cooked pie. Make another pie. Others will see you and emulate you. It is irresistible when you roll out a pie.

Consider your life the pie you make.

Certainly the pies others make around you affect you. But here is precisely where you look to your ingredients and the suggested recipes from Me. I give you every hint as to what makes a delicious pie, one that will please you and those around you, one that you can be amazed at.

The pie-making begins with you. Your being affects others. Roll that pie crust with your love for Me. See how it flies to its shape and holds together. See how the apples leap to fill it. Pop it in the oven and watch it bubble. And watch the joy your pie-making makes and gives. Watch the joy that your pie-making is.

Look Me up. Let My love follow you. Have My love in your awareness. Let Me in. Let Me in now. I am here waiting for you to see Me, not for My sake, but for yours. But you are for My sake. You are My sake.

Whatever blessings come to you in your relative life, their satisfaction lasts for just a moment. And then you want more. You want more because nothing out there is enough. No matter how much you have, there is something unfulfilled. You want an extension. You want something else and something other which might be, could be, something more.

When you have Me, you have fullness of fulfillment. You are full. Nothing is missing. Nothing more to have added. You want for nothing, and you want more only of the same, a continuance of what is all that there is. You can ask for no more, because you have all of it. All of it.

No matter what you seek out there, there is an end to it. There is an empty space next to it. Or there is a leak, and before your eyes, the joy from it vanishes. In a way, you dismissed it. You pushed it aside to make room for more. You plowed it under. It loses its glow. What was marvelous a minute ago passed through your fingers, or you left it behind. In any case, the flavor is gone, and you are bereft.

There is nothing you can hold on to.

Be glad for that.

But you can have your awareness of My hold on you. My hold on you is like My hand on your shoulder, choosing you, wanting for you to notice what I hold in readiness for you.

My love alone sustains. My love alone fills. My love alone makes you complete. And how you want to be replete with Me. And, yes, I am for you. You are what I am for.

Let Me wrap you in My love. That is what you crave, and that is what you can have. That is what you do have. That is what you are. That is your being. My love is your being. Succor it. You are a waterfall of My love. Be it. Be true, My beloved's.