know God

How to Know God Better

God said:

You are just a hop, skip, and jump away from Me. You are not really even that far. You are close. You are closer than close. You are My very Being. Somehow you slipped through your very own fingers, as it were. Your eyes don't see that which is right in front of you. Perhaps you are not looking in the right place.

Our Journey Is Swift

God said:

You make excuses to come to Me. No excuses are needed. You make no excuses for breathing air or drinking water. You do not justify your need for them. Your need is a given. It is natural to breathe and to drink. It is also natural to come to Me, to catch up to where you already are. Get over here, and wait not for a reason. Tumble headlong to Me. Don't putter. Don't study the situation. Just come.

The Land of Truth

God said:

Yes, you are a showman unparalleled. You have your part down to perfection. You have stayed within the white lines perfectly. You have been a splendid fraud, perfect actually.

But now you have found out what an actor you are, and now you end the masquerade. You don’t tiptoe over the white lines you had laid out in chalk and perceived as borders as strong as an iron fence. No, now you fly over all the charlatan boundaries. You no longer see them nor give thought to them. You don’t give them two cents.

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