Play the Flute of God's Love

God said:

Well, yes, you are an instrument of My love. Everyone is. What else could you be? Stay close to your own heart, beloveds, and you will know your closeness to Me.

Being an instrument of My love takes no effort, you understand. Love isn't something you do, for love is what you naturally are. That you allow interference to block your love, well, that is well known, yet nothing is to interfere with the love to be emanated from you.

It is like your love is hidden in plain sight, yet it is sometimes hidden by brambles and snips of this and that.

I do not tell you to stomp down on the interferences or cover them up. I tell you to let love rise.

I do not tell you to pretend. I don't ask you to be false. I ask you to be true to yourself and true to Me. You don't have to wander far away, beloved.

Anger and resentment and envy and greed and other lesser perceived needs may visit you, but they are not you. They are visitors and often unmannerly ones to boot. You do not have to make them welcome. And when you find you have welcomed them, you have every right to tell them to leave and not to come back. You are not indentured to anything less than who you are. You are love. No matter how many times I tell you that you are love, this fact does not seem to sink into you.

It is so easy for you to believe that you are angry, distraught, suffering, put upon, unappreciated and so forth, and yet somehow it is hard for you to accept that you are love. You don't have to let the love that you are be sullied. You don't have to. You may. You certainly have, yet you don't have to. Where did you get the idea that you have to, that you are obliged, that you have to be polite and take in what is lesser than you are?

You would not keep pimples to you, and yet you keep lesser emotions. It could be that this is just a habit. Habits can be broken, beloveds. You have choices you can make, and choices are for you to make.

Will you choose to be the love you already are now, right now? Begin by being cheerful. Accept cheerfulness. It's easy to do when you let go of the past. Being cheerful is not easy when you hold the worn-down past to you. Once again I can only say to you, "Beloveds, let go of the past. Let bygones be bygones. Let them go. Why would you keep bygones to you? Why would you press them to your heart like a dear love letter? Even love letters you have to let go of. The love will stay. You don't need the perfume of the past. You need the freshness of this very instant of Eternity."

Perhaps you don't believe that you can let go. I assure you that you can. Oh, yes, sometimes you will fall flat on your face in your attempts to let go of the past and all that it has accrued. Get up and keep going. Be valiant. You can do it. You can get up from the past and all its residue.

You are My beloved. Remember this instead of the past. Remember that you are here to be an instrument of My love. Consider yourself a flute of My love upon which music is played. Be My flute that makes music. I will recline and listen to the music you make that is Mine. All glory to the flute that plays My music for the love of all.

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Beloved Jochen, I caught

Beloved Jochen, I caught some typos. Why couldn't I have caught them sooner?!!!

2nd paragraph:

That you allow interference block your love, well, that is well known, yet nothing is to interfere with the love to be emanated from you. TO block your love.

3rd from last paragraph:

Even love letters you have to let go. Even love letters you have to let go OF.

Muchas gracias!


I wouldn't object to the second one if you had not pointed it out, though. Two lines above it says, "Let bygones be bygones. Let them go." Perhaps love letters would leave of their own accord...
(You see how important it is that we speak about even "obvious" things.)

Some obvious stuff Jochen

Jochen, you are touched,

Touched by HIS love!

George loves your comments

Senor Jochen, "Let bygones

Senor Jochen, "Let bygones be bygones. Let them go." is correct.

The sentence structure of the sentence in question is awkward. If it had been phrased differently, the of would not be needed.

If instead of Let them go, it had said Let go of them, we would need the of.

Maybe instead of clarifying, I may be just muddying the waters!

Thank you so much for all you do for Heavenletters.


To all of you readers, I am smiling at YOU! You are My beloveds today and always. Let My presence wash your doubts and fears and prejudices away. I Am with you, in you and I love you! My Son (sun) shines on you today!


Your smile lights my day!

George loving your coments

"To BE or not to Be, ha, that's the question..." (W.S.)

Now and then darling Gloria lets God give us some help in learning to choose good things and let bad things go. This Letter needs to be read many times, loved and learned. It holds the key to a good marriage, a good life, and helps you reset your happiness set point to a higher setting. Her advice to get up and keep going is sound and should be followed. Make music for God is not a choice, only the melody is up to you.

George loves God's keyboard

2 Heavenletter Haikus for

2 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello friends,

God said "Well yes love
You are My Beloved Love
My Own Instrument"

God said glory be
Be true to yourself and Me
Be the love you are

Love, Light and Aloha!

Each is better than the last one


I don't know how many people tell you how deep and sweet your words are but I want you to know that they bless me!

George practicing how to swoon