instrument of God

Play the Flute of God's Love

God said:

Well, yes, you are an instrument of My love. Everyone is. What else could you be? Stay close to your own heart, beloveds, and you will know your closeness to Me.

Being an instrument of My love takes no effort, you understand. Love isn't something you do, for love is what you naturally are. That you allow interference to block your love, well, that is well known, yet nothing is to interfere with the love to be emanated from you.

It is like your love is hidden in plain sight, yet it is sometimes hidden by brambles and snips of this and that.


God said:

Every day a child is born. Every day there is rejoicing. Giving birth is great cause for rejoicing. It proves that even the physical body is an instrument of God's Will. The arrival of a new baby gives you a great inkling of the spiritual realms. You know the baby is more than its physicality, and you know that your baby is fresh from a Godly realm. You know it is a child of God you hold in your arms, and you feel a great surging of love in your heart, and you know you are blessed with the love of God and a fruitful life.

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