You Are Many-Dimensioned Facets of Yourself

God said:

You are the rolling stone that gathers no moss. There is no moss to gather.

You are a free spirit who runs around in life. Surrounded by a body, you nevertheless leap. You are a soarer. You are soaring to Heaven now. You are soaring in your understanding. You grasp nothing but yourself. You interact with no one but yourself. You play all the parts from Cinderella to the Fairy Godmother to the wicked witch. You are many-dimensioned facets of yourself. You are tall and thin. You are short and not thin. You seem to be the last to know what you are looking for.

You are never alone, and yet you are the only one on the stage of your life. You are in hot pursuit of yourself. You caught up with yourself long ago, yet you continue the charade of the lost and the hunted. It is yourself you seek. There is only you to find. And yet you are the crowd. You are the single one. That is, the Oneness of you and the Oneness of Me united are the whole chase.

All you are looking for has been waiting to be found, waiting for you to open your eyes wide, waiting for you to recognize the truth of yourself. I am telling you where you come from. You come from the totality of Me. You are Myself.

Perhaps you haven't heard well. Perhaps you have been distracted and looked askance. Perhaps you don't know what you are seeing. You don't know how to read between the lines. Perhaps you are the lines you have drawn. Perhaps you are more of a decider than you know.

You are a secret you have kept from yourself and keep from yourself still. No one offends you but yourself. No one pleases you but yourself. You pierce your vein and believe another did it. You remark on someone's ill behavior when it is your own.

By the same token, you are the honorable king or queen.

You are the orphan you take care of.

You are the jailer and the jailed. You are the hunter, and you are the prey.

You are the desert and the oasis. The mountain and the valley. The river and its banks.

I am telling you that you are all that is. You are everything you perceive. You are the story, the storyteller, and the one who listens with bated breath.

You are the marksman and you are the target, and you are the rifle you shoot and are shot with.

This is a fantasy you live in, and you make it up.

Your footfall is sure, and yet your mind wanders. You cannot locate yourself because you are unlocatable. You are everywhere and nowhere.

You are the physician and you are the patient. You are the made-up name of the illness. You are the surgeon, and you cut yourself.

There is nothing that is not you. The one you love is you. The one you dislike is you. Everything is you. All are you. You are the entire skein of yarn, and you unwind in a multitude of ways, and yet you are, nevertheless, the one of Oneness.

There are no calamities, no digressions, no getting to the point, and no getting off it.

You are a blurry picture you have seen in haste and keep forgetting.

You are so much more than you know while you make too much of incidents and events. You call a celebration and then forget to attend.

You understand everything, and you understand nothing. You understand there is nothing to understand. You are a picture being unfolded, and you see drama.

Well, you don't have to understand. That is the dilemma you are in, for you are sure something is happening when nothing is happening, nothing at all.

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You have said this so often

You have said this so often in a more general way, it was quite clear You would spell it out in detail one day. I have been waiting for that day. Now that it's there, what will I do with it?

I could say, "What could you want to do with it when you are it?" But that's not quite my experienced reality yet. Oneness as explained by God is strangely familiar but truly as strange as it is familiar. If someone shoots me today (without killinge me), will I think that I shot myself with myself and in reality no one did anything to anyone? You never know, but my guess is I would not.

There is for me a funny coincidence in the fact that Jim just pointed out a Heavenletter that is on innocence (#2420). It appears to me that "innocence" and "Oneness" are saying almost the same thing. Or what does this quote from HL #2420 mean: ... what might you do or say when your heart wore no armor? What boundaries would collapse, and what would you, boundless, be then?

I think most of us are in

I think most of us are in the same boat with you, beloved Jochen. I believe that God says somewhere that we cannot understand as it is now.

Yet we perhaps have all also experienced "shooting ourselves in the foot!"

I might have thought that when we reach that boundless state, we would not be shot, but I don't know that it works that way.

I heard this story once of a great ancient awakened sage. The name that comes to me is Tatwalla Baba, but that may not be the right name at all. Anyway, the story goes that one night an intruder comes into his room ready to kill him. The sage said something like this: "I have been expecting you. Come right in."

It is beyond my understanding, but when it comes to realized people who face death, there is a greater significance to the whole thing. Maybe they stood in for someone else, for instance. But, of course, this is just my guess.

You sure make us think, Jochen.

I think most of us are in

Gloria darling:

I almost fell out of the boat (Jochen's)
Your lightening words caught and held me fast.
Now I'm coasting merrily, merrily down the dream.

You're really something like a spot light on a dark night.


George really moved

A heart with no armor

With no armor, a heart will have more "amor". I couldn't resist! Blessings, Jim.

And I can't resist putting

And I can't resist putting your comment in next Heaven News!

A heart with no armor

Precious Jim:

I can't resist your lack of resistance!



I resonate to this posting, but have a question....How do we become aware of who we really are?

As far as I understand

As far as I understand Heavenletters, dear Carol, the best answer I can give you is: by desiring it, by intending it again and again until you start feeling confident about it. You could also say, By requesting that your original awareness be given back to you. By leaning in that direction. You see, if it is about "becoming aware of who we really are", as you say, it follows that it has to be something we do know but may have covered with other things. It's not even possible to forget who we are, but other things may have become so important in our imagination that they seem to blot out the truth of who we are. We will remember. The all-important thing is the resonance you feel.

As far as I understand


I hope you heard the click!
You turned on my LIGHT.

George blinking from the brightness


Sweet One:

Your question answers your question. Life's like that.

George feeling tender


Yes! A brilliant expression of "who we are".... Thank you, dear Gloria!

we are all

Yes we are the light and we are the god in these transformation times... It feels all that is not healed yet, comes back on my way...puh... So in stead of beating my self up that I am sometimes in pain, tears or distress, just exept..that is is what it is! No rush..let it all in this illusion of life...let us feel the king or queen....we are!

love angel Iris

dark transformation?

love angel Iris you stood me on my ear;
without a tear I could hear your golden words of light
without a fight. What Words!

George getting over being stunned

Many dimensional !!!

Dearest God, This message today is the most mystifying of all! In fact, I'm not sure
I've actually ever been "mystified" before today, having read this. I am the surgeon and
the patient. I perform all surgeries on myself. I am the doctor in all instances of experience of thinking that I need to see a "doctor". There is despised one anywhere.
I realize that someone I disdain lives within my innocent mind and soul awareness. When I judge him for war crimes, I only judge myself.

Today is opening up new doors. WOW! Now I do remember that The Course in Miracles
says "Everything that lives is innocent, holy and beloved". That has to surely mean
that all that occupy the sea: the octopus, a shark, a whale, and everything on land
are the same and of One Holiness. There is ABSOLUTELY nothing to fear, for all and
everyone blesses me, without any exception. I am more flabbergasted than ever before!

Yet, thou, our God is not flabbergasted, but supremely knowing and serene !!!

This is a new day in mindfulness!

Your words are beautiful,

Your words are beautiful, Mary. And I feel they make this Heavenletter even more potent.

Many dimensional !!!

Sweet Writer I am FLABBERGASTED with the beauty of your words and thought.
You say what I wished I had thought as I read your divine thinking expressed so well.

Yes today is opening doors because of people like you writing the way you do.
Thanks Holy One.

George blinking faster

You Are Many-Dimensioned Facets of Yourself

God bless Us everyOne!

Beloved Bruce, your response

Beloved Bruce, your response says it all! How are you and the boys doing?

Be Still, My Heart

This Heavenletter seems "mind-boggling", but hopefully I can keep my heart unboggled long enough to speculate that perhaps God is speaking to all of us as his "One Child" that he says We are in some other Heavenletters.

Similar I suppose to The Old Lady Who Lived in a Shoe, this is perhaps a round-the-dinner-table address to the ALL of us. Can't you just see God saying all this, and pointing fingers as he specifies our peculiarities! LOL!!

However, we are IDENTICAL underneath the diversity and in the end, it "all comes out in the wash", anyway. We end up Home for good and at last unified, so it's "as if" nothing happened.

Maybe that's what this Heavenletter is oh, so colorfully communicating...


Bonnie Darling:

I'm glad this writer or what ever you call that stuff, communicated with you in color. I hardly see in a fog. I have night blindness but get tickled real easy. I was tickled pink, blue, and red. I loved what you said.

George reading the thrird time

Bonnie, dear, I don't think

Bonnie, dear, I don't think I understand this Heavenletter better than you or anyone. I don't want to contradict or argue, but I have a very clear feeling that there is no "as if" here. I feel that nothing is happening is to be taken literally. Sometimes there is a faint inkling of what Oneness could be. Oneness, it seems to me, does not mean "very close" or "very very close". It's One. No demarcation anywhere, no difference anywhere, no time, no space - One, dreaming. How could anything happen there? Oh, words aren't much, are they?

Jochen, Give Me a Break

Perhaps you equate Oneness with Nothingness, whereas I equate Oneness with Everything That Is. Misunderstandings become "as if" they didn't happen...

So...I am going to PRETEND you are NOT contradicting or arguing with my understanding of this Heavenletter. What I posted was the message I heard. Perhaps you heard something else.

This is a HL quote:

What happens in life is that the flow of love within you seems to get interrupted...You do indeed play a game of As-If.

There Is More to the Ocean Than the Waves
Heavenletter # 2917

Sorry, I really didn't want

Sorry, I really didn't want to anger you ...

Dear Jochen, De Nada

Dear Jochen,
I'm not angry at all!! Anger is not in my repertoire. "Anger and laughter are mutually exclusive"...Wayne W. Dyer.

I acknowledged your viewpoint, and also clarified mine. It is supportive to acknowledge another's point of view. Then you are NOT contradicting them or arguing with them. Then instead of saying "but...", one can say "and...". Sort of like adding another vegetable to the soup.

A question can be a "challenge" to change what's "wrong". So it seemed you attempted to "correct" my viewpoint which we each have a right-to-have, and I responded and reinforced my "right-to-have".

Sweetie, I have noticed you have even told posters outright, "You are wrong" re what they had "from-the-heart" expressed. Some people allow for that, and I am not one of them.

I wouldn't even consider it a disagreement...for Heaven's sake!! I don't consider you have one itty bitty thing to apologize for. You were "standing on my foot", and I wanted you to please not do that.

I acknowledge you consider words to be "not much", and I consider them vehicles of Spirit. So in happy agreement can we agree to take our battered ol' car and ride over this hump? LOL!!

Warm Regards,

Isn't expressing what we

Isn't expressing what we feel a good thing? Isn't disagreement even good? I don't think we can escape it!

Isn't expressing what we

Sweet Stuff Gloria:

Isn't disagreement in God one of the brightest forms of light?
Didn't He say: "Come now, let US reason together sayeth the Lord, though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow, and though they be as red as crimson, they shall be as wool."? Your wisdom is showing, Thanks for sharing it. There's no escaping!

George amazed

Hit the nail right on the hammer.

When I AM Shrek I am more shy than when I'm George but act like Shrek.
I don't forget a thing, I don't remember what I forgot.
I think this writer is writing a hidden wisdom that we can't learn, earn or forget.
As George I really understand what is being said by this darling writer but her concepts escape my comprehension.
I therefore rest in my divine Guide who's sort of like Gloria but is human instead.

George up to his eyebrows in wonder

Multifaceted am I

I just went back to yesterday's HeavenLetter to read it again, and the last line
is different from what I remember !!! I was absolutely SURE that at the
end, God says, "You don't have to understand. That is the dilemma you're in
for you are sure something is happening when nothing is happening,

and here's where I could swear it read, "There is only my stillness and peace".
But today it's not there!

You must have been that

You must have been that stillness and peace, Mary. You must have been very close to something. I printed this Heavenletter yesterday, and my printout ends with "...nothing at all."

Mary's little lamb

Mary had a little lamb;
she also had a bear it's little howl made Mary cry:
"But today it's not there!"
The Voice, so low and sweet, cried:
"Honey, listen to the Lamb, not the bear,
your stillness and peace are nestled in the Lamb's lair.
His heart is changeless, and so is yours if you only knew.
Now you do."

George thinking he loves Mary

2 Heavenletter Haikus for

2 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said it is you
In a multitude of ways
Being unfolded

God said you are love
That is the Oneness of you
For you are Myself

Love, Light and Aloha!

God said you are love


You said it just right. A Word right from Eternities Bliss!

George still trying the hula hoop