The Illumination You Stand In

God said:

No matter what time of day, when your eyes are closed, the sun in the sky is blocked from your view. When you open your eyes during the sun's reign, you see the light of day.

Sometimes, beloveds, perhaps many times, you are afraid of seeing. You are afraid that you might see miracles. In fact, beloveds, what is not a miracle? Are you not a miracle with the sun's light on you?

Face up to miracles, beloveds. All that may seem mundane or even tawdry to you, even all that is the miracle of Being. You exist on Earth. You seem to exist on Earth when all the while you are stationed in Heaven. What kind of magic trick is this that befuddles you so? Smile instead that at this moment you are a Being of Light inhabiting the Earth. You tend to see yourself as rather shoddy, and wonder how it could possibly be that you are a ray of My light, and not just a ray, but a Divine ray of My light. How can that be when you think you know yourself so well?

Until now, you have not had a clue as to who you are. With your eyes closed to yourself, you do not see the illumination you stand in. You see objects and neglect the subject. Your eyes wander from your self. You separate from your self and cast an eye on ego, that strutting little fellow. Rather than see the truth of yourself, and to divert yourself from your Great Self, you adopt ego and make him your mentor. To be sure, ego is sprightly and can do a tap dance or two, and yet you have bought tin and forgotten the gold.

You are the gold.

I don't care who you are or who you think you are, you are the gold. You are the gold that My eye casts upon. I look at you steadily, whereas you blink and turn away.

This is some kind of folly that the child of the King would forget his origin and avoid looking at what he has long desired most of all. The magnificent truth of you is hidden in plain sight, yet sight isn't plain for you. You complicate it. It will be good for you to begin to see with your heart. The fact is that you are a treasure. You are My treasure. It is a supreme act of oblivion that has obscured your view. You deny your essence right and left. You refuse to believe it. It is too wonderful to believe, so you say, and you turn away from seeing and turn toward disbelief or even joke about yourself.

Must it be so hard for you to accept your heritage? Accept your heritage, and then you will have to accept yourself as the Divinity that you are. You are not that isolated floundering body on the street. You are the son or daughter of God. You are My impulse on Earth. Foolish, prodigal son, you would deny it. You are so stubborn. You hold on to desolation rather than accept even the possibility that you are light, that you are My light, and that you are to shine.

Beloveds, no more hiding under a toadstool.

Come out into the sunshine of My light, and stand tall in it. Feel it. Feel My light on you. Feel My light rise from within you. See it. Know it. Shine it. Announce to yourself that you are God's child. I have proclaimed it. You are more than an off-and-on spark of My light. You are My light.

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the Illumination you stand in !!!

Ah, yes, it WOULD be good for me to begin seeing with my Heart. For I AM A TREASURE !! I don't want to keep performing this supreme act of oblivion that
continually obscures my view !! I am starved not knowing or remembering the


the Illumination you stand in !!!

How do I know a KNOWER?
IT writes this way. Such light, such power! such a comment!

George, wanting to know the writer of: "I am DIVINE. GLORY BE!"

Beloveds, no more hiding under a toadstool.

Darling One:

To hide under a toadstool with a Leprechaun whose very words are gold.
Makes me think that being afraid of seeing is related to being afraid of Being.
When we learn from your words that we are divine we open our eyes that have been closed by life's pain and blinking away the tears we discover the gain from our Lover God who uses your words and pen (keyboard but it didn't rhyme.) to make us see the one we use to be;
In order to become the one we have always been.
No more diversions from the Great Self when this elf of Love turns our eyes to see the light of the Son of Love.

George looking for his shades

HA (Heavenletters Anonymous)

You see objects and neglect the subject.
God seems to be saying We see the tangible, and neglect the intangible. The intangible are the vibrations of God's Energy daily invested in Us and our resonance and eventual addiction.

C'mon Heavenreaders, admit it...We're addicted to Truth!!

Beloveds, no more hiding under a toadstool.
God seems to be encouraging Us to stop trying to project our shadow on the wall and otherwise distract ourselves with anything we can, in order to avoid...WHAT?? Responsibility? Joy is the only responsibility we have with God!!

Oh...Boo-Hoo!! LOL!!


HA (Heavenletters Anonymous) or something

Darling Anonymous:

I turned over a Rock and guess what I found hidden everywhere?
That's right, the truth and spoof seeker, she was right there, concealed in plain sight;
What can i do but stare in wonder while I gape and wonder,
Wondering what on earth to do.
Do? She screamed. Never do, oh never do, simply be and rest in being;
and be who you be. Don't you know that you are everything?
Then she laughed furiously as she said: "I'll tell Gloria on you!"

George giggling hopelessly

George, the Wonderful

My Most Wonderful George!!

I'm going to tell Gloria on you, for sure!! You're stealing my heart, and that makes you an outlaw.

I'm also going to tell God that you're really close to "stealing the show" from Gloria, and that makes Heavenletters twice-as-nice. angel just whispered in my ear: God's got George "on a retainer" for Heavenletters. The payoff is pure gold!!

Love to You!!

Tell Gloria on me!

Go ahead tell her, darling. It's like telling the insurance company that the little gieco puppet is stealing the company by his cute accent.
I am on retainer, though and the payoff is pure gold in the form of a "response from My darling Bonnie." Each word goes in my secret vault of my treasured memories. Boy, am I getting rich!

George wearing his mask sideways

The Illumination You Stand In

Your were My heart from the very start
This is where you will find Me
as you seek me with all Your heart.
I am in You and you are in Me.
Your were My heart from the very start
You are Mine, We are intertwined
You were created in My image
I Am so , so you could be
Perfectly united that’s , My plan
I have given You My heart
Do you understand ?
You are living in a world
that never seems to stop,
But you and I we live hand in hand
You and I share the same heart
You and I we'll never depart.
You were My heart from the very start.
You are Mine, We are intertwined
My beloved I loved you in the begining
I know one day very soon
you will stop and rest from all your spinning
and when you take time and quite your heart
And say to Me Daddy God I need more of You
I will say I Am here, I'm waiting on You
So my beloved child I Am deep deep deep
within your heart, you my beloved I will never depart.
I say to you I love you child ,come rest a while
I Am waiting for you to want my love to grow in you even more
There is so much I want to give you
But first you must stop and listen
come to Me and only me, I will tell you everything
Be quite my dear one and simply listen,
There's a deeper place in Me you will be
You must first want to arrive and recieve
everything that is placed in Me, for you to see.
So I ask you this my child, be quite be still and listen.
If you want Me I Am here .
I am in You and you are in Me.
You must first want to arrive and recieve.

Words were given to Michelle Combs
Inspired from The One Who lives in me
The Holy Spirit

Michelle Combs lights the whole world

Michelle, my response to your Holy Spirit words is mostly love with much illumination.

My heart leaps when I hear the Spirit making love to all who can hear.

Your sweet words: "You must first want to arrive and recieve." remind us of the Lordr's insistence: "No man comes to Me except the Father draw him."

How sweet it is, that if, when we can't "want" to come, for some reason, He takes the bull by the horns and draws us, kicking and screaming, into the love you so beautifully related.

You are a shinning jewel!

George shivering with excitment

2 Heavenletter Haikus for

2 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said come from love
And be the Truth of yourself
Hidden from plain sight

God said smile instead
You Divine ray of My light
My impulse on Earth

Love, Light and Aloha!