This Life on Earth

God said:

Your life is a poem. Certainly there is a certain grace in your life, how you move, how you get up and how you sit down. A little bit of your life reveals a lot the same way a short line of poetry reveals Infinity.

You are a metaphor. You are exaggeration, and you are simplicity. You repeat the sounds of yourself. You have rhythm. You are a unique poem of the Universe.

You are not a fixed star. You are a moving star, and so you do not stay in one place, and so you evolve. In the poem of yourself, you have short lines and long lines of verse. You are counterpoint to yourself.

Your life is a new poem every day. You write yourself down at work and play. You do not always see your poetry. You may not notice it at all, and yet you are a poet writing your life as you live it. You are writing a new poem even when you may think you are repeating a humdrum one.

Beloveds, you are innovators. You do not even follow in your own footsteps. You depart from the past every day. You make new twists and turns, and you peer out from your life as it goes along. You live, and you observe.

You are fantastic. Of all the lives that can be lived, you live yours. Rain or shine, you delve into life. You climb tall trees. You sit on the curb. You go into stores, and you come out of stores. You are part of an assembly. It is your turn to speak. You may hardly hear yourself.

You revolve around the lamppost.

You are a dancer and a singer in a musical that is called This Life on Earth. The world twirls with you on it. You are a sprite. You are descended from nobility. You do not know who you are. You escape yourself in rough images. You are a prince or princess who walks across the Universe, and you may see yourself as a pauper. You are King or Queen, and yet you see yourself as pauper.

It is not so much that a pauper can become King. The King who sees himself as pauper is playing the role of pauper, and he believes in the role he plays. He snickers at the idea that he could be King. He knows better. He is a realist, and so he believes in what is not true. The King is not false. The pauper is. The King, thinking he is pauper, believes in a world that lacks color and riches. All the while, he is a King royale, and yet he doesn't conceive nor believe it. The pauper simply doesn't know he is an imposter. He is posing as a pauper when he owns a wealthy kingdom.

There are many imposters in the world. They play a part that is not true, and yet they accept the part as true. They believe in their own acting. You, too, may believe in the roles you play rather than the Truth of you.

It is good to love your country. It is also good to know that you come from a far greater realm than the one country you were born in. It is good to hold your nation high. You can identify with your country and yet not overlook your True Identity.

You come from My heart, and you have a far greater influence than you know.

Return to your rightful Kingdom. Branch out, beloveds.

When you can enjoy the whole mansion, why hang out in one small room? When you have a whole estate to walk around in, why stay inside?

Come out into the Universe. Know what you are truly a King of.

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Ay Sire, it is with natural

Ay Sire, it is with natural ease that a sovereign being, a roving star shining forth, illuminates and reveals the royalty in another one. Established in the firmament of Your Ocean of Love, all labeled layers naturally erode with the ebbing tide, rolling waves and play of light.


1 Heavenletter Haiku for

1 Heavenletter Haiku for you

Hello Friends,

God said Beloveds
Believe in the Truth of you
You come from My heart

Love, Light and Aloha!