talk to God

Your Mindset

God said:

Let Us talk of prayer a little bit.

Talking to Me and prayer may or may not be the same. Telling Me what is in your heart is one story. Asking for favors or intercession is another, even when those matters are deep in your heart. Will you start thinking that there is no need to ask Me for favors for yourself or for anyone? Will you begin thinking that it is no favor for Me to give and that all has been given to you already? There is nothing for you to ask for. Do you really think you have to ask? Do you think I would forget you?

A Father and Child Talk

God said:

You are banners that I have displayed all over the world. You come in all the colors of light. Actually, you are neon lights I have wired across the known and unknown universes. You are the true Christmas lights that light up the world and proclaim My Name. You are the stars on Earth, and you are perpetual light. No key to wind. No batteries to replace. You, whoever you think you are, and wherever you think you are, are My Light emblazoned on Earth. Your light beacons across the seas of stars and galaxies you cannot even see or fathom. Your influence is vaster that you can conceive.

Naked Truth

God said:

When you talk to Me, really talk to Me, your ego walks away. That is one of the beauties of talking to Me. You are not able to load yourself up with pretense when you appear before Me.

Your subterfuges leave, and there is you, and there is I, and We restate your life. We restate your take on life.

Naked were you born, and naked will you leave. Naked here does not mean unclothed. It means true, honest, real, unpretentious. You, without all the ruffles you have put around yourself, you, in your being.

Talk to God

God said:

My relationship with you is one-to-one. That means you address Me directly. Our hearts engage. My words engage you. Your talking to Me engages Me.

Of course, Our communication is one fell swoop. We are not separate characters, although it seems so to you.

In any case, do not be afraid to speak to Me. You may not directly hear Me, but I will hear you. And you will hear something of what you say.

Say Hello to God

God said:

Greet God. That is the message. Say hello to God. Be courteous. Be considerate. Greet God. Acknowledge the Godness that surges in you. Greet yourself with love. If you but loved yourself, would not the world change?

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