Say Hello to God

God said:

Greet God. That is the message. Say hello to God. Be courteous. Be considerate. Greet God. Acknowledge the Godness that surges in you. Greet yourself with love. If you but loved yourself, would not the world change?

Dissatisfaction is a learned thing. Satisfaction is natural. Dis-approval, dis-couragement, dis-appointment. dis-taste, dis-tance are unnatural. Approval, encouragement, appointment, taste, and closeness are natural. Natural reigns until your intellect interferes with it. Approve yourself. Encourage and appoint yourself to Me.

Eagerly get out of bed to greet Me, and that is dawn.

Who wakes you every morning? Who puts you to sleep every night? Who is ever watchful of you and your tour on earth? Who coaches you? Who leads you? Who carries you? Who moves you forward?

What is this, Our relationship, that seems impossible to you? "Im" anything is unnatural. Im-passe. Im-pediment. "Im" is man-made too as is "un". "Un" is unnatural. "Un" is not possible. Nothing is un-heard of in My Heaven. You are not in-capable. You are capable. Or, if you cannot believe that you are, then believe that I am. What am I not capable of?

I created you. I created Heaven and Earth. I created the firmament. I created the lovely Moon and its lover, the Sun, and I created flowers and flying things, and I created the wonder of you.

Tell Me, if you can, what I am not capable of?

I am even capable of raising you to heights undreamed of. Dream them. Come to know them as real as well as all the unreal you have come to know and believe in. Begin to imagine what has been given you and which you only have to pluck.

You are a landslide of possibilities.

Does not an apple tree bear fruit?

Do not the seasons change?

Does not every variety of creature imaginable walk the earth?

Do you think I do not?

I am the Walker of the Earth.

I walk My estate.

I love every footfall of it.

I treasure its inhabitants.

You are an inhabitant of Creation. You are not an interloper. You are a participant. I have shared eternity with you, and you hesitate to accept the windfall I have given you. Is that not preposterous? Oh, be pleased with My creation, for I have made it for you, and I have given it to you as testament of My love.

See My love!

Engage it.

Welcome it.

Greet God at every corner.

Come to meet Me.

Invite Me to your home.

Show Me your life.

Take Me around.

Give Me a tour of your life.

Point out its beauty and blessings to Me.

Earth is My garden, and I love to see it flourish.

I love to see you flourish in My garden.

The pleasure that a rose gives you palls next to the pleasure you give Me.

How beautiful are you whom I planted on earth to grow to the Sun and bloom in My image!

I am the Prototype of you.

Take a look every now and then, so you will know the truth of you and where you are going. I am your destiny. There is no way out of it. And why would you want to be out of it?

Why wouldn't you want to run to Me? Why wouldn't you want to keep up with Me? Why wouldn't you want to acknowledge your Oneness with Me? What on earth keeps you back from that?

Certainly not I!

What binds you to Earth and disenchants you with Heaven to the extent that you will not believe in it, or even the possibility of it, or believe in it for you, or believe it as the truth of where you are?

You, who can read squiggles on paper as words, can you not read the signs of Heaven and welcome them? You, who read magazines and newspapers of doom, can you not read Me? Can you not at least look for Me?

This is what I mean by "Greet God."

Say hello to Me. Say, "Hi!" Say, "Come along," the same as I say to you: "Come! Come with Me! We have treasures to seek and treasure to find, and We do it together, arm in arm, in Our jaunt through life, for Our time on Earth is a jaunt through a paradise of wonders, and the greatest wonder is that We are, and that We are One. That is what you are here for. This is what you are to see. Welcome!"