greeting God

God Appears in Many Disguises

God said:

From nothingness comes everything. From an ocean comes waves. From life comes your life, comes the world, comes stories, comes adventure, comes love evident. From love comes love. Love is. Love is predominant on Earth. It cannot be otherwise.

Think like God

God said:

I suggested before that you wake in the morning and say to yourself: "Good morning, O Lord, I am in Thy Presence."

Now I would like to add another thought. I would like you to add: "Good morning, O Lord, I am in Thy service."

As you awaken, will you think of both thoughts now? Carrying these thoughts is a good way to greet Me and your day. These thoughts are a blessing to carry with you.

I know you very much want to be in My Presence and in good service to Me.

I hear your answer: "Happily, God. Now, tell me please, how do I best be in Your service?"

Say Hello to God

God said:

Greet God. That is the message. Say hello to God. Be courteous. Be considerate. Greet God. Acknowledge the Godness that surges in you. Greet yourself with love. If you but loved yourself, would not the world change?

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