A Father and Child Talk

God said:

You are banners that I have displayed all over the world. You come in all the colors of light. Actually, you are neon lights I have wired across the known and unknown universes. You are the true Christmas lights that light up the world and proclaim My Name. You are the stars on Earth, and you are perpetual light. No key to wind. No batteries to replace. You, whoever you think you are, and wherever you think you are, are My Light emblazoned on Earth. Your light beacons across the seas of stars and galaxies you cannot even see or fathom. Your influence is vaster that you can conceive. You are like the clockwork of the universe. You are like chakras that spin the spinning planets. Yes, you.

You have to take My Word for this. You certainly can't rely on the world's sentiments. The world doesn't know your value. It has even told you that you are in the way or it has told you that you are nothing. The world cannot see its nose in front of its face. So much for what the world knows.

You are My signature on Earth. You are My creation, and I signed My Name so proud am I of what I created when I created you. I signed My Name in your heart. If you close your eyes and look carefully, you will find it there. It is embossed and can't be eroded. You may have to feel My signature with your fingertips because you probably have been wearing blindfolds.

Come on now, what did you think you were? Did you think you were a Homeless person on Earth, mulling around until one day you would be relieved of your errant duty on Earth and returned to Heaven?

Beloveds, you are the maker of Heaven. You are the maker and the revealer. Dear Me, you haven't yet revealed it to yourself.

I sing your praises on high. Hear Me.

I wave you across all of creation like a flourish on My Name. You are the marks I make.

I catapult you across the Heavens like an email over the net.

You are My message to the world.

You don't know Who you are. Oh, perhaps you can mumble the words, but words are easy for you. Recognition of Truth is another thing. You have been retarded in recognition, beloveds. Now accelerate yourself. Have you not had enough of holding yourself back?

You don't need to be promoted. Already you are, if you but knew, well-advanced. You have had it backwards. Your roots are in Heaven. Where did you think you came from and were made from? And what could the Heaven you came from mean but that you are holy? Child of Holiness, you are My wholeness.

What can wholeness mean but that you are complete?

You are all there is. You are My light, My love, My thought, My creation. I planted everything in you. The whole treasure is within you. That is the Kingdom of Heaven. I gave it to you without hesitation. I held nothing back. And all you have to do is acknowledge, recognize, accept. Self-realization is simply that. There is nothing that can be added unto you. All you have to do is pinch yourself and know that what I say is true. Wake up from that foolish dream you have been having. It was just a dream. Now have Truth. I offer all of yourself to you on a silver platter. No, a golden platter. Will you accept in good faith? Will you accept with or without faith? Will you simply accept?

Say, "Yes, Father/Mother God, I do."