Free the Whales

God said:

You are My result, and you are also the result of your ancestors. And part of your purpose is to free yourself from them. Love them, be grateful to them, but step out from them, for often what you have inherited are limits. A child of Mine is not bounded but unbounded, so you must leap away from the confines of local inheritance.

You belong to a larger universe than your bloodline. That is physical, and it is momentary. Go back to your beginning before you were outlined in the physical, and you will begin to know your boundlessness.

Any limit you have set for yourself, or allowed others to set for you, holds you back. Remember, you are an idea in your head, and your idea of you needs to be expanded.

You have to be more than the supine or prone or erect Human being that you operate in.

You have to break out of the confines of yourself. The confines are your ideas.

You think you are in a little corral, but you are in a far greater pasture than the wood fences around you would have you believe. Expand your thinking, and the fences will disappear before your very eyes, and you will see yourself walking on a far different horizon, one that is more like it. Stir yourself. Arise. Forecast yourself into the universe of My making. You belong where I am, not where your body happens to be.

The happenstance of you is not the extent of you. It is not even you at all. You are beyond the delineations of your present world.

You have made big what is not big at all. You have rushed here and there and taken tests as if that were your life. You hustled in school, and you thought your life depended on certain marks given you on certain papers, as though you were a Xerox machine that had to be fed.

In actuality, you are a freewheeling continent of yourself. You are mobile, not immobile to be put on a shelf somewhere until taken out. You are your own mover. You were born to move, to move up and out and beyond.

No wall limits you. No one else limits you. Only you limit you. You settle for less. You accept less than I would have you have.

Paddle your own canoe.

Set out for a distant shore.

See where the tide takes you, and go beyond the tide of man.

You can only go as far as you see.

In that case, see further.

See all the way.

See all the way to Me.

I am at hand, and I pull you toward Me. I pull you in. I reel you in. You are not a minnow I catch. You are the greatest catch of all. I know the size of you. It is you who wriggles from My grasp. It is you who thinks you are small, and that I am immeasurable, but We are immeasurable together. We are indefinable together.

You are a leaping whale on the waves of the ocean. You are not a squiggle on the surface. You are held high up by the mighty force of the Ocean. Your leaping is supported. Yes, you must get out of your frame of mind.

You see how your frame of mind cuts you off from yourself. It blocks you in. Break the borders you have put or allowed around you. They are only lines in your mind. They are dotted lines. Go past them. The lines are not the ruler of you. Your heart rules you.

But fear is not natural to your heart. When fear rules you, you are not listening to your heart. Listen to and follow your heart, and you will reach the sun. But, first, you have to reach for it.