Christ Let His Light Shine

God said:

Everything goes in its own way and in its right time. You have wondered how it is that I can say all is well, even when, in your eyes, all is not well. All is well with you, beloveds, even when you are in the midst of that which you do not favor. Let it be. It is like this:

You are a swimming fish. There may be algae floating and other fish swimming in the same pond, some toward you, some in your way, and fish that you are, you do not mind. You just keep swimming. If there is an octopus, you still keep swimming. Nothing is in the way unless you say so.

Your Heart Is a Star of Light

God said:

My grace I give to you. All is My grace. I graciously bestow the world to you and you to the world. I am most gracious in My gifts to you. Sometimes you recognize My gifts as gifts and sometimes you do not. Surely, you must accept that life itself is a gift, and that it makes sense to receive and acknowledge a gift that has been given you. How will your life be different when you recognize life itself as a great gift? You will have thrown off any concepts of life as burden and accepted the grace of God.

Be the First to Step Forward

God said:

Good morning, My beloved children, who struggle and twist and turn in life because you believe you have to in order to exist. And so you enter the fray. That is your error, that you believe it is necessary to fight life. Therefore you parry and thrust for all you are worth, and you wear yourself out with fighting ghosts when you could befriend them.

Christ and Buddha

God said:

Be like a sieve with love so that it flows. Love blocked is love ungiven. Love by its very nature is free of restriction. Love is not like an article you order from a catalog. Love is not on a list you check off. Love is a light you leave on. How to leave it on is to simply not turn it off nor close the door to it, not even a wedge.


God said:

If you were not concerned with what the world or someone in it might think of you, you would be a great leader of love. You would never hesitate from what is before you to do.

You would get up front and speak. You would always speak the truth, and you would speak it with love. You would be the leader of the universe.

All the rules of the world, no matter how changeable they are, have been like a clamp on you, and perhaps have made you feel like an outsider in your own land.

Joy Intact

God said:

Happiness is not to be pursued. Pursued, it runs away. Perhaps you have been chasing it for a long time.

Happiness is not the end-all. Happiness is like a companion who runs along beside you. You can't catch up to happiness. You can only notice it.

Distraction and happiness are often mixed-up. They may have switched places.

We can call happiness a residue. Sometimes it is something left behind, and so happiness becomes an aftermath.

Happiness seems like a stroke of luck, but it is not happenstance.

Sometimes happiness is noticed when anxiety and anguish have left.

God Tells the Story of Your Life

God said:

Your question must always be, not what someone has done and done to you, but what are you yourself thinking and what direction are you moving toward now regardless of what anyone has said or what has happened.

God's Golden Child

God said:

You are such a Golden Child of Mine that it is My desire that you always be honored, made welcome, treated well, treated most graciously, and be given the respect and regard that a Divine Child of Mine is entitled to and must have. There is something in you that must have respect and regard from others. It is unnatural not to have it. Something is off. It doesn't feel right. It is hard to take.

God Be Praised

God said:

Beloveds, I am telling you how to see yourself. See yourself as the God Being that you are. It is for you to know what you are worth. Know it, and then be quiet about it. No one else needs to know. It is not for you to blab about. It is not for you to say a word about your worth. There are some things to be still about, and this is one. Keep your worth to yourself. In words I mean.

Christopher Columbus and Christ

God said:

Your imagination is like filaments from the sun. You have seen photographs that show the sun's rays between trees in the forest. Your imagination is like that. Your imagination is not something to be discouraged but encouraged. Who is there qualified to say that the trees are more solid than the rays of the sun that blast through between and above them?

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