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Beloved Translators,

Thank you for translating Heavenletters™ and extending the outreach of Heaven's light! As a member of this Volunteer Angel Translation team, you are joining a global circle of expanding light. All your readers and all members of this Heavenletter community thank you for this gift you give.

To be a translator of Heavenletters™ is a service from the love in your heart. Did you choose Heavenletters, or did God choose you? We know with certainty that your love and appreciation for Heavenletters brought you here. That we are here together from all parts of One World is a Miracle of Love.

Here is what God says:

You are part of a bigger wave.

I knighted you with the power to perform miracles of love.

Have your eye on Vastness and what love can manifest in the Vastness of itself. You are wide-visioned and far-visioned, and you are capable of anything and everything. Start with love, and you will enter into the Vastness where you already reside.

How to Translate


“It is the Inner Spirit of the translator that translates God's message to those who do not understand it in its original English. This is the inspiration part of the translation process where the translator does not rely on himself or herself but on his/her Inner Spirit to keep the meaning the same as the Original Source.”

Normand Bourque, Translator of French


“Sometimes when I do the translation of a Letter I feel like I am not translating but, somehow God is writing through me. I read the English words as if they were written down in my own native language. Words come so easily, translations flow so fluently that I feel myself like a computer keyboard in the hands of God.”

Engin Vural, Translator of Turkish


“I felt I wasn’t good enough to translate into Italian, but then I thought, “What the heck, no one else is doing it, so I might as well try!” And now I have been translating every day for nine years! I keep it simple! I do not interpret; I translate the text as faithfully as possible. I talk to God while I translate, and I am calmed. I also feel that if we start translating for God, and subscribers come, we cannot just walk away and let them down. Being a translator is like being a bridge for God’s words to flow into our language, so we open our hearts for the flow of love from God to all who want to read God’s words.

Paula Launonen, Translator of Italian

Of course, there will be times when translators can't be certain what God means in a particular passage or idiom! No one can be expected to know everything! Ask your questions.

Ask your questions on the Global Translator Circle.

Here is a good place for the Heavenletter translation angels to think and speak about the beauty of languages and how to express God's words in the languages of the world.

Ask your questions and also discover how other devoted translators handle certain aspects of translating. Here are GREAT examples of questions translators have asked and the beautiful responses received from other translators:

Jaime In English, plural and singular you are the exact same word. Not in my language. Asked by Jaime Rendón, Translator of Spanish, 1st year

[Photo above:] How do we best deal with two specific English idioms that do not exist in my language? Asked by Paula Launonen, Translator of Italian, 9 years

Innerpeace How to stay in pure consciousness while translating. Asked by INNERPEACE, Translator of Chinese, 1st year

Jean Christophe Explain the difference between blessed and bless-ed. Asked by Jean-Christophe, Translator of French, 2 years

Sometimes what might puzzle you in a translation could be a typo. Please help us find and fix typos!

Please go to Forum Comment Column on the Community Page often to see if someone has a question that you can respond to as well and so help out a fellow translator.

Be sensitive to the culture of the country your language represents:

This may or may not apply to the language you translate. In any case, this is a rare yet important consideration.

Engin, Heavenletters’ Turkish translator, lives in a country that does not endorse drinking. She questioned the title of Heavenletter #2092, A Toast to the World, and some lines within the text. In her country, making a toast would be considered as a lack of consideration. Engin didn’t want to change God’s words, and yet she wanted to honor her culture. She asked on the Gobal Translator Circle. We told her to go ahead and change the title and any other references that would not be right in the culture of her country.

When it comes to translating a title that you are uncertain about, please post your question on the Global Translator Circle so we can make a united decision.

Incidentally, here are two delightful comments about titles: The Moon is made of Cheesel. Charles Fines’ and Robert Rushton’s comments are guaranteed to make you smile.

How to find out which Heavenletters™ to translate?

Once we've upgraded your account on to that of a translator, flags like the one below will appear at the top of every Heaven web page, when you're logged in. Click the Heavenletter, then click the translation tab above the Heavenletter to see what languages the Heavenletter has been translated into.

Croatian, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Afrikaans, Albanian, Bulgarian, Chinese, Catalan, Farsi, Finnish, Hebrew, Polish, Serbian, Spanish, Tagalog, Tamil

What Heavenletters do you translate when there are two or more translators in your language?

Together find a simple system whereby you agree who translates what so you don’t duplicate translations. When there are two translators of a language, some pairs choose to take even days and the other odd days, or one translator may translate the newer Heavenletters while the other goes back to earlier Heavenletters.

Is there a way to translate in advance?

Yes! Some translators travel a lot and want to stay ahead. Some translators just like to be ahead. Theophil Balz, translator of German, and Heavenletter administrator, posts Heavenletters in a queue where they can be accessed. Theophil Balz
If you wish to translate ahead of time, and you find you do not have access to the Heavenletter listing page, please post your request on the Global Translator Circle, and we’ll see what we can do.

When I have translated a Heavenletter, what do I do with it then?

When you are a new translator or when you are a translator whose language is not translated every day, kindly email each translation to Gloria at the email address you have. This is an informal way to keep in touch with Gloria who wants to hear from you. This is, of course, in addition to any other addresses you have been asked to send your translations to.

At the present time, not every translator has the same directions. Why? Some translators with technical skills have volunteered to send out their own translations, and they are also happy to send out other translators’ translations as well.

For example, Luus, a Dutch translator and administrator, sends out all Chinese translations in addition to Dutch translations.

Normand, a French translator, sends out French translations and Spanish as well.

Nancy Nancy Ciasuli, an administrative volunteer, sends out Italian translations and also helps fills in for whatever may be needed in addition to her other administrative responsibilities.

Other translators have been assigned to send their translations to a special coded address always in plain text.

All the instructions are valid. Please stay with the directions given to you. When we have the new website upgrade, everything will change!

All Translators, please be sure you are registered on the Heavenletter Spiritual Community forum. [What is the link to register?] Please fill in your profile page! Tell about your spiritual journey, what you do in the world, why you choose to translate. Tell about your family, anything you want to share. You are invited to post as many photos as you would like in your profile page. Be sure to post at least one phoro! You are exceedingly important to Heavenletters™, and we want to know you, and we want you to be known.

I am from CHINA BEIJING, I love Heavenletters. Sometimes I translate Heavenletters into Chinese and set them online. These messages are wonderful and popular for Chinese, so I wish to be a China Volunteer to translate Heavenletters into Chinese and benefit more people. JIA Yingxuan, University Lecturer, Beijing Jianotong University

When I send out each translation, what do I include?

After Heavenletter # Title, begin with God said: translated into your language.

Examples of God said:

Catalan: Déu ha dit:

Dutch: God zei:

Chinese: 天父说:

Croation: Bog je rekao:

French: Dieu a dit:

German: Gott redete

Greek: Ο Θεός είπε

Italian: Dio disse:

Portuguese: Deus dissse:

Russian: Бог сказал:

Slovak: Boh povedal:

Spanish: Dios dijo:

Turkish: Tanrı dedi ki:

At the end of your translation, include:

Translated by (in your language) and your name:


Traducido por: jhrendon

Traduit de l’anglais par Normand Bourque.

Below, it says Translator and then the name. That’s fine too.

Çeviren: Engin Zeyno Vural

Prevela: Daniela Kn0apić

Afte0r you have written Translated by and your name, paste the permanent link of the original Heavenletter you translated from. You will always find a permanent link for specific Heavenletters.



Page originale :

In addition, we ask translators to post every translation on the website forum under their specific language. click: Scroll down until you see your language. Click on your language link and post your translations in your language. One translation per post.

I fell in love with Heavenletters and translate them into Chinese. I'm happy to share the love from Heavenletters with people who understand only Chinese. I greatly appreciate God's love to everyone. Thank you. Deo gratias! Xiyangyang, China

How do I bring new subscribers to my translations?

Naturally, as a translator, you are a model for all other Heavenreaders.

1. On every Heavenletter posted on the web site and on the Godwriting™ blog, press [image of the place to click Like for Facebook and Google] On the forum, this place appears on top. On the blog, this appears at the end of the blog. The more of us who press Like, the more Heavensubscribers will come.

2. As a representative of Heavenletters, you might like to add a short God quotation from one of your Heavenletter translations at the end of personal emails you send. In your language and your choice.

Paula, Heaven’s Italian translator, uses the following as her signature, and it appears everywhere, on her posts and correspondence:

“Never think that you are I. Know that I am you.”

Heavenletter #515 Who or What

Heaven Admin, Heavenletters’ Creative and Technical Director, includes this quotation on his Heavenletter correspondence and postings:

"It is an amazing thing how intrinsic you are to all of Creation, how vital, how instrumental, how beautiful, how aspiring, how fulfilling, how electrical, how amazing in this phenomenon called life."

Heavenletter #1102 Today Alone

Do you have a favorite quotation of God’s?

Note: When you are corresponding or posting on behalf of Heavenletters, please include only a quotation from God in Heavenletters. This reinforces the confidence you have in God’s words.

3. As a Heaven Translating Angel, when you have correspondence with friends, acquaintances, and family, you might also invite them to subscribe at this link: or perhaps offer to add your friends and family to the mailing list yourself. If you are not certain how to add someone to the mailing list, email Gloria g [at] Heavenletters [dot]org. Include your friend’s name, email address, country, what languages they would like to subscribe to, and it will be a pleasure for me to add them to the mailing list.

4. Some translators post Heavenletters™ on other web sites and blogs! Please do. French translations went from about 148 subscribers to 248 subscribers when Heavenletters were posted on several French web sites. The more energy you give, the more that comes back. Feel free to post your translations on other sites if you like to! Please remember:

Heavenletters™ are copyrighted, and the following must be included as directed here: the source; God said, and God’s words within the text are to be kept exactly as written. For translations, the name Heavenletters™ must stay Heavenletters™ and may not be translated into any other language. Please email Gloria to tell where you are publishing these gems so we can thank you. We love to have new readers come to Heavenletters™ through you.

5. Also, sometimes readers of your translations may post Heavenletters here and there themselves. When you know of sites that do publish Heavenletters in your language – or any language -- be sure to let us know. Include the exact links, please, so that we can find a posted Heavenletter on the site. Send us an email with the URL of the site and the name and an email address of the owner of the site or someone there, if you please. This way, we can thank the people involved personally and include them in Heaven News. And we thank you.

6. Also, kindly post the information about other sites that publish Heavenletters on The Global Translator Circle so that everyone can know? Also, kindly email g [at] Heavenletters [dot] org what other sites are publishing Heavenletters. We want to feature these sites on Heaven News. Please also post on the Global Translator Circle to tell us where you yourself are publishing these gems so we can thank you.

7. Please know we love to have new readers come to Heavenletters™ through you.

One more thing:

Please subscribe to Heavenletters in your language as well as in English. Why? So you can know that every translation is posted and that your translations are appearing the way we want them to. Thank you!

Newest Heaven Translating Angel:

Eva, Translator of Slovak. Eva is from Slovakia and now lives in France. Eva wrote:

“The experience of translating God’s Word brings great joy to my soul, humbles me, and heals and opens my heart in miraculous ways.”

Use Discretion and Confidentiality

Please be sure to read the Guidelines for posting on the forum to be sure you are going by them when you post:

When you are given names and email addresses of subscribers, these are all extremely confidential and stay with you and are only to be used in your official capacity as translating angel. Keep it business. No exceptions.

If you have ideas for Heavenletters and questions, we would love you to post your thoughts on the Global Translator Circle.

Have we left anything out?

Keep in touch with your co-translators and entire translating team.

Kindly post any questions, ideas, or changes in your activity on the Global Translator Circle. If you have to stop translating for any reason, of course, tell your team mates and also email Gloria. Let us know what is going on with you and what we can do to help make your translating smooth and easy for you and valuable to your readers. As you know, Gloria also would love to hear from you from time to time and know how you’re doing.


Heavenletters™ are full of God’s wisdom and love. They nourish and enrich the love inside my heart and bring endless joy, peace and happiness into my life. I am so touched by God's words. Thank you all for your work! May I join the Chinese translation team? Leean, Software Engineer Project Leader, Denver, Colorado (originally from China)

Thank you for everything. Looking forward to more!

Love, Gloria, Santhan, Leean, Normand -- Translator Guideline Team

And here are more beloved angel translators: (If your photo is missing, please send us a photo so we can add yours. Thanks.)

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